Male Extra Review -How Male Extra Works? (2023) Updated

Isn’t your wife happy with you at bedtime? Or do you get nervous or feel embarrassed to go at intercourse because of having a weak erection or a small penis? If that one question or …

Male Extra Review -How Male Extra Works (2023) Updated

Isn’t your wife happy with you at bedtime?

Or do you get nervous or feel embarrassed to go at intercourse because of having a weak erection or a small penis?

If that one question or both of the two questions’ answer is yes, then maybe you are suffering from the disease of erectile dysfunction 

At this point, you have to take sexologist advice to get a happier, healthier, and enjoyable sex life with your partner. If you feel shy to tell this thing to your doctor, you can take male enhancement supplement pills to reduce your penis erection problem.

This type of pill will enhance blood circulation to your penis so that you don’t feel erection problems. Male Extra is a renowned brand to produce male enhancement supplementary pills. To know detailed information about this pill, let’s deep dive into the Male Extra male enhancement reviews.

Male Extra Review -How Male Extra Works (2023) Updated
1Our Pick
Male Extra
  • Increases erections. 
  • Improves sexual performance.
  • Bigger, Harder Erections.
  • Enhanced sexual desire.
  • Increased sperm production. 
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • More stamina.
  • Contains natural nutrients rather than questionable chemicals.
  • Some ingredients can increase libido
  • Improves workouts.
  • 100-day money-back guarantee.
  • Money-saving opportunities when buying in bulk

What is Male Extra Male Enhancement?

Male Extra is a brand that manufactures male enhancement pills to reduce erection problems organically. It’s an herbal sex nutrition supplement that helps to large your penis, gives you confidence, and more extended bedtime session with your partner.

Statistics show more than 40 percent of adult males are suffering from less erection problems. So they need to take supplement pills to enhance penis to recover from this hidden disease. Considering this group of people’s sexual life, Male Extra comes to the market and efficiently produces male enhancement pills.

What are the benefits of taking Male Extra pills?

Male Extra pills can offer a maximum result within the minimum time of taking these pills. Let’s have a look at all the benefits of taking Male Extra pills

  • Offer you a high level of testosterone hormone not to suffer any other sexual disorder.
  • Increase blood circulation to your penis to reduce erection disease.
  • It helps to enlarge your small penis so that you can make your wife happy at bedtime
  • Besides sexual enhancement, it helps you to get stronger at your gym time.
  • 5. Male Extra maintains a sound balance of ingredients so the pills are very much powerful.
  • It is produced from herbal ingredients, so minimum side effects
  • The Male Extra follows the FDA and GMP standards to maintain government rules
  • Keep an offer of 67 days of the money-back guarantee
  • Claims 1 billion pills have already sold.

How does it work on your body?

The Male Extra pills are produced from natural herbal ingredients such as different kinds of plant extract. And you know medicinal plants are medically proven to perform better to recover diseases.

When you take the Male Extra pills, they will work as a testosterone hormone booster and enhance blood flow to the penis. As a result, after regularly taking these pills for a while, you feel gradual reduction of erection problems and give you the energy to make your wife happy.

How to take the Male Extra pills to get maximum output within minimum time?

If you want to get the maximum results from taking Male Extra pills, you must follow some basic rules. Otherwise, you may not get the result though you take them. So here are some ways of taking the pills

  • First, you have to read the user manual of the pills to know the rules. Or you can check the label of the product because the company also writes the rules on it.
  • You should take the pills regularly with one glass of water or as per the company instructions.
  • Don’t neglect to take pills. It means today you take; tomorrow you don’t take, and the next day of tomorrow, you take the pill. Never do it.
  • Try to complete the course of taking pills. At least a month, three months, or six months. Or as per your need and doctor’s suggestion.

What are the side effects of taking Male Extra pills?

The Male Extra male enhancement pills are made from natural herbal ingredients, so you can consider these pills almost free from any kinds of side effects. If you have any kinds of allergy to the below mentioned ingredients, you may face some minor side effects. Such as

Diarrhea nausea with headache, lack of sleep, cramps, reduced production of testosterone hormone, seizures, gynecomastia, gastrointestinal imbalance, loss of appetite, blur vision, weight loss, breath shortness, increased body temperature, heart rate, or blood pressure.

But, don’t you get overwhelmed by reading all the above side effects. All those are not shown in one person. Depending on one person’s health condition, anyone can see one or two minor side effects.

What are the ingredients used to produce Male Extra pills?

To produce a good form of formula, Male Extra blends different ingredients to the male reproductive pills. Let’s have a look at the name and work of the ingredients.


If you have stomach trouble, then ginger helps you to reduce this trouble. Even it boosts blood flow to your peninsula tissue.


When you talk about testosterone hormone booster ingredients, then zinc comes to the front line.


The lower folic acid of Folate helps you to reduce fertility issues. On top-notch, it enhances the build of white and red blood cells to raise your energy level.


This ingredient increases and helps to balance your testosterone and different male sex hormones.

L Arginine

These amino acids increase blood flow all over your body, including your penis. As a result, you feel a minor erection problem and higher enjoyment at bedtime.


This South African plant extract is used for the Male Extra pills. It helps you get better sexual energy, better erection, and comparatively higher climax.

Muira Puama

This plant is grown in Brazil, and they called it ‘Potency Wood’ in their language. It helps you to give enough concentration to your partner and make her feel happy.


Pumpkin is used to offer you excellent sperm, to work as a hormone producer, good prostate appearance.

Korean Red Ginseng

This ingredient is well known for helping to recover erection rigidness, offer you quality erection and thickness in the bedroom. Overall, it gives you high satisfaction to meet your partner’s sexual expectations.

Ho Shou Wou

This ingredient is used to work as a shield against the aging problem. Most of the time, Chinese doctors use this ingredient in their medical department.

The Scientific evidence of Male Extra enhancement pills

Since it is a question of your health, so before taking any pills, you should know about the scientific evidence of those pills. Male Extra has produced its pills by following 26 pharmaceutical grading systems because it cares for your health and happiness.

By following these 26 formulas, they have to maintain many things again and again. But they don’t neglect any formula out of these 26 formulas.

Where to buy the Male Extra pills and how much does it cost?

This is a question of millions of dollars where to buy the Male Extra pills and how much you should spend to get a happier, longer and pleasanter married life. You can buy these pills from your nearest pharmacy or any doctor’s chambers. But if you are a person who feels shy to ask for male enhancement pills at the pharmacy. In that case you can rely on online to buy the pills.

Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc., are famous e-commerce websites always ready to reach everything at your door, including male enhancement pills. To get 30 Male Extra pills, you have to spend around 19 dollars to 39 dollars.

What results can I expect?

It is very logical to have an expectation to get quick results after taking enhancement pills. You have to give at least some time to get the maximum results because it is not magic, and the company doesn’t use any unroyal ingredients to give you rapid results. Here we have attached three steps of results that you can expect.

After 2 weeks

  • It helps to increase your strength
  • Enhance your sex pleasure with performance time
  • Better sex mood and life

After 4 weeks

  • Supports to maximize your muscle mass
  • Reduce erection rigidity
  • Optimize your bedtime

After 3 months

  • Pick your erection feeling
  • Maximize your sex stamina
  • Overall happy married life

Who should not take male enhancement pills?

Every product is not suitable for everybody because you all are different. Here is a list of people who should avoid taking Male Extra pills.

  • Less than 18 years old because it is produced for 18+ male.
  • It is not perfect for women, so they should avoid it.
  • Those who are 55+ years old should not take these pills.
  • Who has above listed ingredients allergy should avoid it.
  • Those who have a previous record of high blood pressure, diabetes, breath shortness, blur vision, etc., should avoid it.

How much does Male Extra increase size?

Frankly speaking, there are no enhancement pills, gel, cream, mousse, or anything that can permanently increase your penis size.


The human penis has two spongy tissue tubes called the Corpus Cavernosum. When you are at bedtime or feel an erection, your penis blood flow will increase, and make it look large and stiff.

But, when the blood circulation removes from the penis, then it goes soft and shrinks. When the erection times over, then the spongy tissue will set to your penis.

Depending on your body fitness, lifestyle, living standard, Male Extra pills work on your body. If once these pills suit your body, then it can give you at least extra 30+ minutes of bedtime with your partner with a pleasant intimacy.

Even if you regularly consume these pills and maintain a healthy lifestyle, then Male Extra helps you increase your sex mood and erection time.

Does it offer you any money back guarantee and is it FDA approved or not?

Who doesn’t like to get a money-back guarantee if the products don’t work as expected? Male Extra cares about your wallet; that’s why it keeps a 100% money-back guarantee if its pills don’t work well.

But it is confident that its pills work well because it uses highly effective ingredients to produce the pills.

FDA (food and drug administration) approved these Male Extra pills but besides this keeps a reminder. If anyone has any disease and because of this take any medication, then he should not take Male Extra pills.

Scam or not

After a lot of research, we don’t find any proof that taking Male Extra male enhancement pills is harmful or having any side effects.

It will be a great decision if you have any severe health condition and are taking medicine then you should not take Male Extra pills. Or you have to talk to your doctor to play from a safe zone.

As the company has already sold 1 billion pills, you can consider it a good enhancement pills, no scam.


What is Male Extra?

Answer- Medically designed male sexual enhancement supplement that can increase the size of your erect penis in both length and girth.

Does it work for everyone?

Answer-Results vary between different people, but it will start working the day you start to take it.

How big will I really get?

Answer-It’s not fixed but, if you are looking for the best solutions to your sex life then take Male Extra.

Is Male Extra safe?

Answer-Yes, after the clinical trial it’s been proved that it’s working awesome. Male Extra ingredients are very effective.

Is Male Extra guaranteed?

Answer-Male Extra has a 100% guarantee. If you are not satisfied 100% money-back guarantee.

Final verdict

In this whole discussion of Male Extra male enhancement reviews, we have tried to share all ins and outs of taking male enhancement pills. When you feel hungry, you have to give food to your stomach. In the same way, you have to give proper food (enhancement pills) to meet your sex hunger.

If you have found this information worth your 2 minutes’ investment to get a better married life, then don’t forget to share it with your friends via social media. Who knows, your friends need this information but can’t share it with you because of shyness.

If you have any questions about these pills, let us know by throwing a comment in the comment section. We wish you an enjoyable and happy married life!

Dr. Kate Gundy physician with over 20 years of clinical experience in obstetric and gynecologic care. She has additional training and expertise in integrative medicine, medical acupuncture, menopause, female sexual problems, pelvic pain, vulvar pain, and vulvovaginal and gynecologic dermatologic disorders. She has authored work in peer-reviewed journals relevant to her field, including those related to gynecology, women’s health and sexuality, integrative medicine, female chronic pain, and sexual pain.

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