A Review Of The 3 Best Male Enhancement Creams 2024(Updated)

Are you struggling with less-than-stellar health or functionality where it counts?  Of course, we’re referring to your most precious appendage, the penis.  In truth, many of us guys struggle with erectile health, and we’re constantly …

A Review Of The 3 Best Male Enhancement Creams 2023(Updated)

Are you struggling with less-than-stellar health or functionality where it counts? 

Of course, we’re referring to your most precious appendage, the penis. 

In truth, many of us guys struggle with erectile health, and we’re constantly searching for a reliable method to ensure that our most critical body part can stand tall and firm when called upon. 

After all, good sex is crucial to overall happiness. And to have incredible sex all the time, we as men must be able to give our partners what they need—a sturdy, pulsating member capable of delivering a mind-blowing experience. 

That’s why we’re here to review the best male enhancement creams on the market today. We think these robust, all-natural topical solutions can help you to get your johnson as hard as a rock when the time is right. 

Each of the 3 best male enhancement creams uses potent amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to get your cock firing on all cylinders when needed. We’ll dive deeply into these products to help you understand which would be best for you. And hopefully, by the end, you’ll have a potentially life-altering male enhancement cream delivered directly to your door.

What Can The 3 Best Male Enhancement Creams Do? 

The 3 best male enhancement creams share several characteristics. Yet, they’re all formulated slightly differently. With that in mind, we’ll look at the typical results these supplements can bring you. 

The 3 best male enhancement creams can give you: 

  • Stronger, more powerful erections 
  • A thicker, fuller appearance 
  • Increased sexual pleasure 
  • More sexual stamina 
  • Enhanced lubrication 
  • Boosted confidence in the bedroom
  • Immediate results (no waiting)

If you want to upgrade your sex game by having harder, girthier, firmer erections, you’ve come to the right place. Because the products on this list are the best of the best, they can bring you these powerful results with essentially ZERO wait time and ZERO harmful side effects. 

Forget planning your sex life around prescription pills or worrying about the nasty side effects of other treatments. The 3 best male enhancement creams could have you back in the saddle with complete control over when, where, and how you get it on. 

Our Criteria For 3 The Best Male Enhancement Creams 2023

#1 VigRX Oil—Best Overall
1Our Pick
VigRX Oil
  • Immediate Results
  • Rock-Hard Erection
  • Increase Sex Drive
  • Improve venous microcirculation
  • Expand and seal blood vessels
  • Have a stimulating effect
  • Nourish and revitalize the skin
  • Big, Impressive Ejaculations
  • All-Night Staying Power
#2 Erectin Gel—Best For Sexual Performance
2Our Pick
Erectin Gel
  • Contribute to penis size enlargement
  • Support a strong and long-lasting erection
  • Strengthen endurance
  • Increase the libido
  • Improve well-being and increase self-confidence
ProSolution Gel
3Our Pick
ProSolution Gel
  • Immediate Rock-Solid Erections
  •  Thicker, Fuller Looking Penis
  •  Super Staying Power for Longer Sessions
  •  Intense Orgasms for Extreme Pleasure

Unfortunately, there are loads of pretenders in today’s health and supplement industry. That’s why we took our sweet time and diligently sought the 3 best male enhancement creams. 

Before beginning our search, we set a baseline that an elite male enhancement cream must meet. 

The best male enhancement creams must have: 

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Clinically-backed ingredients 
  • Little or no waiting time 
  • No numbing effects
  • A money-back guarantee 
  • ZERO harmful chemicals 
  • ZERO known negative side effects

Each of the 3 male enhancement creams in this review meets these criteria. But these products also go way above and beyond this set of standards. That’s why they made the cut for the 3 best male enhancement creams.  

After hours and hours spent in the lab, we’ve narrowed our list down to an elite few. And we’re excited to share these potent formulas with you here. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in. 

Are you ready to have massive, lust-inducing erections? Do you want to have better sex? 

If so, read on. 

#1 VigRX Oil—Best Overall

#1 VigRX Oil—Best Overall

VigRX Oil is an all-natural topical cream brought to you by the team at VigRX, known for its expertise in designing several high-end male health supplements. This formula combines plant extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants in a unique transdermal delivery system. 

And it packs a punch. 

So much so that it can have you sporting a massive, throbbing hard-on in less than a minute. Your partner will be so mesmerized by your masculine girth that their lust-filled minds won’t know what hit them. 

Best of all, it has absolutely no-numbing effects but plenty of immense sexual rewards for you.

Benefits of VigRX Oil

VigRX Oil ranks number one on our list of the best male enhancement creams for a good reason—it can deliver you massive benefits. And the numbers speak for themselves. 

A recent customer survey of VigRX Oil users determined: 

  • 75% got an erection in less than 1 minute 
  • 91.67% experienced increased sexual pleasure 
  • 81.06% showed an improved ability to penetrate a partner 
  • 80.77% could maintain an erection longer than before
  • 85.04% rated their libido as high to very high 

As they say, “the customer is always right”, and when it comes to VigRX Oil, the overwhelming majority of customers report tremendous results. After learning how VigRX Oil customers felt about this topical solution, we were highly intrigued. 

Upon further investigation, it became clear that VigRX Oil was in a class of its own regarding overall goodness and benefits for users. According to the manufacturer, this all-natural male enhancement cream supplies many benefits for male sexual health.

Benefits include: 

  • Sturdier, more robust erections 
  • Longer lasting erections
  • Erections nearly on command
  • Enhanced sexual pleasure 
  • Boosted nitric oxide levels 
  • Increased libido 
  • Better bedroom confidence 

If you’re interested in experiencing these benefits, which could support an overall better sexual life, VigRX Oil is likely the best option for you. 

The secret to the power of this topical treatment lies in its reliable, clinically-backed, all-natural ingredient list. 

VigRX Oil Ingredients 

VigRX Oil has been crafted using some of the best natural ingredients known to man. The optimal doses of each amino acid, nutrient, and vitamin allow for the most significant immediate effect for users. 

With that in mind, let’s check out some key ingredients fueling VigRX Oil. 


This amino acid is found in some high-protein foods. It has many health benefits and is a biological precursor to nitric oxide. In other words, you’ll produce more nitric oxide when your body gets more L-arginine. And more nitric oxide will mean more blood flow to your penis, resulting in stronger erections. 

Korean Red Ginseng 

This form of ginseng, found in Asia, has been used to treat male sexual issues for thousands of years. It’s a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. It’s believed to increase male libido and enhance male sexual function. 

Ginkgo Biloba 

This tree species is indigenous to China and has long been celebrated for its medicinal uses. Like ginseng, it’s a potent antioxidant with strong anti-inflammatory capabilities. Modern research suggests it can relax muscles in the corpus cavernosum (a pair of chambers in the penis), which allows them to fill with more blood, resulting in enhanced erection quality for you. 

These ingredients represent just a snapshot of the potent formula that makes up VigRX Oil. If you’d like to see the complete ingredient list, check out the official Leading Edge Health webpage. They manufacture and distribute VigRX products.

Any health product worth its salt will have several ingredients backed by clinical studies. And VigRX Oil is no different. In fact, the long list of clinical trials supporting the ingredients in this formula is a huge reason it tops our list of the 3 best male enhancement creams. 

VigRX Oil Customer Reviews

VigRX Oil has helped tons of guys just like you to achieve better erection quality. We heard from several guys who had excellent results using this all-natural topical cream. Here’s what they had to say.

John W. in Illinois said:

VigRX Oil has changed my life. I was seriously depressed, mostly because I couldn’t stay hard during sex. Then I found VigRX Oil. I took a chance on this product, and it has been so worth it. The first time I used it, I got hard and stayed hard. My wife and I had our best night in years, and it hasn’t stopped since.”

Lamar R. in Missouri said:

I’m 55, and I still love sex more than anything in the world. The problem was, in the last few years, my cock wasn’t working so well. I read about VigRX Oil online and decided to give it a shot. This stuff is great. I use it all the time now, and my sex life is still going strong.

Juan L. in Texas said:

I’ve been using VigRX Oil for 2 years. This product works better than any other male enhancement product I’ve used, and I’ve tried more than I care to mention here. Get this stuff if you’re having problems getting it up. It’s going to help you.

Customer reviews are a great way to gauge the quality of any product. VigRX Oil has a huge following of loyal customers. That speaks well for this supplement.

How To Use VigRX Oil 

VigRX Oil is a topical cream that is super easy to use. Just place a small drop of the oil on your finger or palm (or directly to the shaft) and rub it into your penis until it has been completely absorbed. 

Use it as you would any lubricant or skin cream. Masturbating or stroking with the cream is an excellent way to get it working quickly. And it is 100% condom compatible. 

VigRX Oil is completely safe and contains ZERO harmful chemicals, as some low-priced lubricants do. 

The safety and ease of use make VigRX Oil easily one of the best male enhancement creams available. 

How Long Does It Take To Work? 

VigRX Oil begins going to work as soon as you apply it to your penis. Once it’s absorbed into the bloodstream, you’ll start to notice the effects almost immediately. 

Most VigRX Oil users report getting an erection within 1 minute of application. However, for some, it can take closer to 2 minutes. 

VigRX Oil Price 

VigRX Oil is competitively priced with many of the best male enhancement creams. 

The pricing structure is: 

  • 1-Month Supply—$49.95/Tube
  • 3-Month Supply—$36.62/Tube
  • 6-Month Supply—$34.97/Tube
  • 12-Month Supply—$33.33/Tube

As you can see, buying in bulk will save you some money. And your purchase of VigRX Oil comes with a money-back guarantee. You risk nothing. 

Money-back guarantee 

VigRX Oil is available with a 67-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, simply return your used or partially used containers and get a 100% refund of the purchase price. 

Where To Buy VigRX Oil

We’d recommended purchasing VigRX Oil through the official Leading Edge Health website

That’s where you’ll find the best prices, customer service, and the 67-day money-back guarantee. 

#2 Erectin Gel—Best For Sexual Performance

#2 Erectin Gel—Best For Sexual Performance

Erectin Gel claims the second spot on our list of the 3 best male enhancement creams. This all-natural topical gel is packed with elite sexual health-promoting ingredients. 

The all-natural formula is designed to give you rock-hard erections almost immediately. But not just that. The active compounds in Erectin Gel can also significantly improve your performance between the sheets. That way, your partner will have an insatiable thirst for your new and improved cock. 

Erectin Gel is brought to you by the makers of the highly regarded male health supplement, Erectin. It has no numbing effect and is 100% safe. 

Benefits Of Erectin Gel 

Erectin Gel is an elite transdermal cream for maximizing male sexual health. That’s why it is ranked so high on our list of the best male enhancement creams. 

Prominent benefits of Erectin include: 

● More robust and powerful erections 

● Longer-lasting erections 

● Enhanced sexual performance 

● Boosted sexual pleasure 

● Quick results 

Erectin Gel will have you working with a thicker, more powerful trouser snake almost immediately. Because once it’s absorbed into your bloodstream, the growth will begin. 

If you want to improve your erection quality, allowing you to go longer and harder, Erectin Gel could suit you. Most users report better sexual pleasure for both themselves and their partners. With a more lively penis and better sex, your bedroom confidence will soar. 

Erectin Gel Ingredients 

Erectin Gel was constructed by some of the best minds in the male health supplement world. It contains a laundry list of all-natural ingredients, many of which have been clinically proven to improve erectile health and sexual performance.

Let’s peek under the hood and see the compounds that power Erectin Gel. 

1. Saffron 

Saffron is a potent spice extracted from the Crocus Sativa flower, which grows naturally in the Mediterranean and Middle East regions. 

It’s known for several health benefits:

● Enhanced libido 

● Improved sexual performance 

● Boosted mood 

Saffron is high in antioxidants that can aid in many areas of overall health. And it’s safe to ingest daily. 

2. Aloe Vera 

Maybe, you’ve put Aloe Vera on a sunburn or other skin abrasion. We do this because Aloe Vera increases blood circulation to the area it is applied. Increased blood flow means quicker wound healing. And new evidence suggests it can give you more powerful erections when applied to the penis. Though knowing exactly how much to use can be tricky, Erectin Gel delivers the optimal dosage.

3. Mango Butter 

Mangos are loaded with healthy vitamins like Vitamins E and C. These vitamins can naturally enhance several aspects of male sexual health. Mango butter (closely related to Shea Butter) is a natural moisturizer that gives you healthier skin cells. And mango butter is often used as a natural sexual lubricant. 

These are some unique ingredients that make up the Erectin Gel formula. Check out the Erectin Gel listing on the Leading Edge Health webpage for a complete ingredient list. Leading Edge Health manufactures and distributes a plethora of high-end male health supplements. 

Erectin Gel Customer Reviews

Erectin products have been well-received in the male enhancement supplement market. We discussed Erectin Gel with a group of guys who have been using it, and here’s what they said about their experience.

Jordan M. in New York said:

Erectin is a great male enhancement cream. It’s super easy to use, and it starts to work instantly. If you’re looking for a topical cream to help you have better sex and more powerful erections, this is the one.

Thomas W. in Arizona said:

Once I turned 35, I had trouble getting an erection. Honestly, it destroyed me. I tried a lot of products, but nothing seemed to work. I found Erectin Gel on the internet and ordered a month’s worth. The first time I applied it, I had the best sex I’ve had since I was 20. I’m still using Erectin Gel to this day, and it’s still delivering me great results.

Scott J. in Wisconsin said:

Erectin Gel is legit. For the last decade, I’ve struggled with erectile health, and it had me down. Sex was always my favorite way to relieve stress. When I couldn’t get hard, I felt like my life was over. That’s when I found Erectin Gel. I’ve been using it for a year now, and this stuff is fantastic. It works great!

These guys represented the majority opinion of Erection Gel users we spoke with. Almost everyone told us that this topical solution worked for them. They swear by this stuff, which gives us great confidence in its efficacy.

How To Use Erectin Gel 

Erectin Gel is easy to use and completely painless to apply. Just apply a small drop (about the size of a dime) directly to your shaft and rub it in until it’s completely absorbed. 

That’s it! 

You can use the gel as a lubricant or to masturbate, which can potentially enhance the effects. It’s 100% safe and effective when used with a condom, too. 

How Long Does It Take To Work? 

Timing is everything in life, and waiting around for pills to kick in sucks. 

The good news is that Erectin Gel begins working in just a minute. About 60 seconds after the cream is absorbed into the penis, you’ll start to notice hardening effects and that intense sexual desire coming on. 

Erectin Gel Price 

Erectin Gel is priced reasonably and is in line with the other best male enhancement creams. 

Packages are priced like this: 

● 1-Month Supply—$49.95/Tube 

● 3-Month Supply—$36.62/Tube 

● 6-Month Supply—$34.97/Tube 

As you can see, buying several months’ worth of Erectin Gel will allow you to keep some cash in your pocket. And, of course, this male enhancement cream comes with a money-back guarantee meaning you can always get your money back if you’re unhappy. 

Money-Back Guarantee 

Erectin Gel is available with a 67-day money-back guarantee. This money-back guarantee aligns with the promises of several of the best male enhancement creams. 

If you don’t get results for any reason, you can return your used Erectin Gel containers and get a full refund of the purchase price. 

Where To Buy Erectin Gel 

For the best deals and the 67-day money-back guarantee, head to the official Leading Edge Health website. They’ve been a trusted resource in health supplements for over twenty years. 

#3 ProSolution Gel—Best For Enhanced Pleasure 

ProSolution Gel

Taking the third spot on this review of the best male enhancement creams is the all-natural topical formula ProSolution Gel. The ProSolution line is responsible for building several natural male enhancement supplements. In fact, they’re one of the most well-respected teams in the industry. 

ProSolution Gel uses a unique formula to maximize your erectile strength, girth, and length when you’re ready to go. It also uses several active compounds to help you get maximal pleasure from sex. 

This gel brings the heat in a good way. It could take a declining sex life and “turbocharge” it. 

Benefits Of ProSolution Gel 

ProSolution Gel comes chock-full of benefits for you. The potent formula will have you singing its praises in no time. 

ProSolution Gel benefits include: 

● Amplified erections 

● Warming sensations during sex 

● Increased sexual stamina 

● More intense orgasms 

● Enhanced lubrication 

If you’re interested in having higher-quality erections along with more pleasurable sex, ProSolution Gel might be the best male enhancement cream for you. 

The active ingredients in ProSolution Gel are designed to optimize both erection quality and sexual pleasure. 

ProSolution Gel Ingredients 

The ingredient list behind the ProSolution Gel formula is vital to the results this topical cream can deliver. This ingredient list is truly second to none and a critical factor in making this one of the best male enhancement creams in the world. 

Let’s take a look at some compounds that make up this formula. 

1. L-Arginine 

ProSolution Gel is equipped with an optimal dose of this potent amino acid. Your body naturally converts L-arginine into nitric oxide. And enhanced nitric oxide levels mean more blood flow to the penis, resulting in better erection quality. 

2. Aloe Vera Extract 

As we touched on above, research indicates that Aloe Vera can increase erection quality when applied directly to the penis. ProSolution Gel offers a clinically-backed dose of Aloe Vera in every treatment. 

3. Bearberry Extract 

Bearberry is a plant, or small shrub, that grows throughout the northern hemisphere. It has a long history of medicinal usage in North America and Europe. It’s used to treat bladder and urinary tract infections. Evidence suggests it can enhance sexual health in men. 

The product list in ProSolution is impressive. These ingredients are backed by science, meaning this product is built on a rock-solid foundation.

ProSolution Gel Customer Reviews

ProSolution Gel has been on the market for a few years now. And it’s helped scores of men to have better erectile health and sexual satisfaction. We contacted a few ProSolution Gel users to hear what they had to say.

Peter F. in Indiana said:

I started using ProSolution Gel last year. I had never used any form of health supplement before, so I was excited but a little skeptical. My erections have been bigger and more powerful. My wife loves it, and our sex life has never been better. This male enhancement cream works.

Carl L. in California said:

Once I hit 40, my erections started to be less and less firm. It was really embarrassing. My partner thought I wasn’t into her anymore, and it really hurt our relationship. A friend recommended ProSoltuin Gel. That was the best advice I’ve ever received. This stuff works!

Steven S. in North Carolina said:

ProSolution Gel has taken my sex life from the gutter to the penthouse. Use this stuff if you’re having trouble with your erections. It’s going to upgrade your sexual performance. It certainly did for me.

These reviews are just a tiny snapshot of what ProSolution users had to say. Nearly every guy we spoke to was overwhelmingly positive in their praise for ProSolution Gel. And that speaks volumes for the quality of this gel.

How to Use ProSolution Gel 

ProSolution Gel isn’t just a high-quality male enhancement cream. It also doubles as a sexual lubricant. 

ProSolution Gel is water-based and contains no silicone, so it’s not the least bit sticky. You can, of course, apply it directly to the penis. And if you’d like, you can use it to spice up your sex life. Add a drop, and have your sexual partner lend you a hand. 

ProSolution Gel is 100% safe and non-toxic, so you can have fun in the bedroom without worries. 

How Long Does It Take To Work? 

ProSolution Gel goes to work immediately. As soon as your skin absorbs the cream, the active ingredients will improve your sexual health. 

Many users report increased blood flow to the penis in under a minute. You should expect to be popping a firmer erection in under a couple of minutes. 

ProSolution Gel Price 

ProSolution Gel is slightly higher priced than the other products on our list of the best male enhancement creams. However, the difference is minimal. 

Let’s go over the price packages: 

● 1-Month Supply—$49.95/Tube

● 2-Month Supply—$44.98/Tube 

● 3-Month Supply—$43.32/Tube

● 4-Month Supply—$42.49/Tube

● 5-Month Supply—$39.16/Tube 

● 12-Month Supply—$33.33/Tube 

One benefit of ProSolution Gel is the large variety of pricing packages available. 

Money-Back Guarantee 

ProSolution Gel has a competitive money-back guarantee equivalent to many of the best male enhancement creams. 

You can get a 67-day money-back guarantee when you order ProSolution Gel. Buy it, try it, and if you don’t like it, get your money back. 

Where To Buy ProSolution Gel

ProSolution Gel is available on the official Leading Edge Health webpage. They offer the best prices and the money-back guarantee. Check their site out today. 


Q: How do male enhancement creams work?

A: Male enhancement creams aren’t all constructed the same way. They will vary. Generally, the best male enhancement creams use all-natural ingredients to boost components of sexual health, like blood flow to the penis.

The transdermal solutions in this review use clinically-backed ingredients to increase nitric oxide production, reduce inflammation, and maximize libido.

That way, you can safely and naturally enjoy a more fruitful sex life.

Q: Which male enhancement creams work the best?

A: The male enhancement creams on this list are the best products on the market.  

We ranked the best male enhancement creams as:

1. VigRX Oil

2. Erectin Gel

3. ProSolution Gel

These products can naturally deliver great results without any known negative side effects.

Q: Do I need a prescription to use male enhancement creams?

A: No, you don’t need a prescription to use male enhancement creams.

The best topical solutions are backed by science based on clinical research. However, they don’t require prescriptions like pharmaceutical drugs may.

Q: Are male enhancement creams safe?

A: Every product on this list is 100% natural and has no known negative side effects. We can’t speak for all products out there, but the best male enhancement creams can get you results without the downsides.

Q: Where can I get these products?

A: All products in this review are available on the official Leading Edge Health website. Leading Edge Health is a highly reliable online retailer of health supplements. Currently, the best male enhancement creams are only available for purchase online.

Wrapping Up The 3 Best Male Enhancement Creams 

Look, if you’re dealing with declining sexual health or erectile problems, know that you’re not alone. Plenty of guys are in the exact same boat. We just don’t like to talk about it. 

Getting older and losing some of that sexual excitement of our youth can be horribly depressing and even embarrassing. 

However, the best male enhancement creams offer hope for guys looking to reinvigorate their sex lives. 

If you want to improve erectile health and have better sex for years to come, look into the 3 best male enhancement creams. You can’t go wrong with any of these products because they’re all backed by science and can bring you actual results. 

Live life on your terms. Take control of your sexual destiny today.

Ryan Medison Phd is an ABMS board certified urologist specializing in reproductive urology whose areas of expertise are men’s health and male infertility. He is also an associate professor of urology at the Institute in Berkeley, California, the director of male reproductive medicine and surgery at UNC Fertility

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