The Best Testosterone Boosters And Supplements For Females 2023

Testosterone boosters are often seen as a supplement made to help healthy aging males stay sexually active or younger men looking to build muscle mass achieve their goals. This is quite understandable, as testosterone is …

Best Testosterone Booster For Females

Testosterone boosters are often seen as a supplement made to help healthy aging males stay sexually active or younger men looking to build muscle mass achieve their goals. This is quite understandable, as testosterone is the male sex hormone after all. However, in reality, most testosterone supplements can be extremely beneficial for women as well.

They can help to improve your physical performance, make you more energetic, and even be used as an alternative to testosterone replacement therapy to help keep you healthy. The only issue is, while taking testosterone supplements can be extremely beneficial, choosing the right one can be equally challenging.

This is particularly true for women, as testosterone boosters are usually targeted at men. That is why we have decided to create our list of the very best testosterone supplements for women that are currently on the market, to ensure that everyone can find the perfect one for them and enjoy all of the many benefits that they can offer.

TestoFuel – The Best Testosterone Supplement Overall

TestoFuel is a natural testosterone booster supplement specifically designed for people who want to either reach or stay at a peak level of physical performance and avoid developing low testosterone or the symptoms that go with it as they age.

Legendary bodybuilder Robby Robinson claims it is the main reason that he can maintain his incredible muscle mass, body fat percentage, physique, and way of life as he ages, and it is a perfect choice for people who want to replicate his success.

The TestoFuel formula consists of d-aspartic acid, maca root extract, fenugreek extract, panax ginseng extract, oyster shell extract, vitamin d, magnesium, vitamin k2, zinc, and boron.

D–aspartic acid is a natural amino acid that is needed for your body to make testosterone and has been proven to help elite athletes raise their testosterone levels (1).

Maca root powder is a herbal extract that can boost libido, sexual function, and mood, and reduce anxiety, chronic stress, depression, and the symptoms of menopause (2).

Fenugreek extract can raise low testosterone levels, libido, and lean muscle mass growth, while offering additional benefits like treating diabetes and high blood sugar and cholesterol levels (3).

Panax ginseng boosts testosterone levels, mood, immunity, and cognitive functions, and helps your body to fight diseases (4).

Oyster shell extract boosts the free testosterone levels in your blood, and is also rich in vitamin d (5).

While vitamin d supplementation doesn’t boost testosterone levels itself, it prevents you from becoming vitamin d deficient, which will negatively impact your testosterone production (6).

The same is also true of vitamin k2 (7).

The minerals magnesium and boron both promote your natural testosterone production, while zinc encourages the pituitary gland in the brain to release luteinizing hormone, which itself stimulates testosterone production (8)(9)(10).

This incredible testosterone boosting formula allows TestoFuel to produce notable lean muscle growth, boost strength, energy levels, mood, self esteem, metabolism, and drive, prevent low testosterone levels and poor testosterone production, and promote notable body fat and weight loss.

In fact, it is so potent that it said by many to be a far safer alternative to things like anabolic steroids, synthetic testosterone, or testosterone therapy. Throw in its very reasonable price tag, and TestoFuel easily sits atop our list of the best testosterone boosters for women that we have looked at.


  • Can produce incredible muscle growth, strength gains, and weight loss
  • Boosts self esteem, mood, energy levels, and drive
  • Endorsed and used by a legendary bodybuilder for its ability to produce muscle mass
  • All of its natural ingredients are proven testosterone boosters and used in optimal doses
  • Very fairly priced


  • Can only be obtained directly from the official TestoFuel website

Prime Male – The Best Testosterone Booster For Muscle Growth

Prime Male may sound like it is a supplement that is only for men, buts its powerful ability to promote healthy testosterone production makes it equally well suited for women who want to build lean muscle mass, and it can even improve their libido, energy levels, and ability to lose weight as well.

The Prime Male formula uses 12 natural ingredients, many of which we looked at in TestoFuel. This includes d-aspartic acid calcium chelate, boron, Korean red ginseng, magnesium, vitamin d, vitamin k2, and zinc.

However, it also includes a few unique ingredients of its own in black pepper extract, luteolin, ashwagandha extract, nettle root extract, vitamin b6.

Ashwagandha extract is a herbal extract that can naturally boost testosterone levels, increase muscle growth and strength, aid athletic performance, promote fat and weight loss, reduce anxiety, blood sugar, and stress, and enhance focus, memory, sleep, and heart and brain health (11). It also seems that ashwagandha can begin to work in 24 to 48 hours if dosed at the higher end, although there is no evidence there is any benefit to taking more than 1000mg. (12)

Vitamin b6 prevents the production of estrogen, to ensure your estrogen levels stay low and keep your testosterone levels high. It can also boost the metabolism of amino acids, fat, and glucose, promote a healthy immune system, and ensure that sufficient neurotransmitters are produced (13).

Nettle root extract binds to the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which inhibits testosterone production. This will help you to maintain healthy testosterone levels and offer other benefits like reducing inflammation and keeping the urinary tract healthy (14).

Luteolin can inhibit aromatase enzyme activity and convert cholesterol into pregnenolone, both of which will improve your natural production of testosterone (15).

The black pepper extract is then added as it contains the bioflavonoid piperine, which is an absorption enhancer that will boost the effects of all of the other ingredients in the testosterone supplement (16).

Every component of Prime Male is included as it provides its own unique benefits to the supplement, and they all work in perfect synchronicity with each other and are present in an optimal dose.

The totally transparent and vegan recipe that Prime Male uses means it can also be trusted to safely and naturally boost testosterone levels by most people. Add in its very affordable price tag, and it is easy to call it the best testosterone booster supplement for women seeking muscle growth.


  • Helps testosterone to be produced naturally and keeps your free testosterone levels up
  • Contains nothing but optimal doses of natural ingredients proven to give you a testosterone boost
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Ideal to help you improve your muscle mass, libido, energy levels, and weight loss


  • Is only available in some countries and directly from the official Prime Male website

Hunter Test – The Best Premium Testosterone Booster

Hunter Test is a premium yet potent testosterone booster supplement that is a part of the Hunter Evolve stack, which is designed to optimise both your physical and mental health and fitness.

The stated goals of the supplement are to boost testosterone naturally and safely, give you “relentless confidence”, and combat a testosterone deficiency or low testosterone levels, particularly if they have been caused by aging.

The Hunter Test formula consists largely of ingredients that we have already looked at and includes magnesium, zinc, ashwagandha, boron, Asian ginseng, d-aspartic acid, vitamin d, and vitamin k. However, it also contains one additional ingredient, which is indole-3-carbinol.

Indole-3-carbinol in a natural compound made by the breakdown of glucosinolate glucobrassicin and is commonly found in green vegetables in the brassica genus.

It is put in the more high end natural testosterone boosters as it can prevent free testosterone from being turned into estrogen, keeping your overall testosterone levels naturally high (16).

Each of the ingredients in the formula are present in potent doses and work together to offer a wide range of benefits, which includes increasing muscle mass and strength, and boosting mood, endurance, and energy levels.

Being totally free from gluten, GMOs, soy, and artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives, and made in FDA and cGMP approved facilities means that it is ideal for people who are very careful about what they put in their body.

Its ability to be used as a part of a stack with the other supplements in the Hunter Evolve range also makes Hunter Test one of the very best testosterone supplements on the market for people who prioritise their overall health as well.


  • Designed to prevent estrogen levels from getting too high and causing low testosterone
  • A very premium testosterone boosting supplement, it has been made in a quality environment with no additives or allergens
  • Can improve both your muscular development and physical performance
  • Perfectly formulated to be used as a part of a stack with other supplements to improve your overall health and fitness


  • More expensive than many other testosterone boosters on the market
  • Is only able to be bought directly from the official Hunter Test or Hunter Evolve websites

Testo Prime – The Best Testosterone Boosting Supplements For First Time Users

Testosterone booster supplements have repeatedly been proven to be effective, yet many people will be apprehensive to try them for the first time, as there is still a feeling with some people that they won’t really work.

If you find yourself in this position, Testo Prime is the perfect option to go with as, not only is it one of the better natural testosterone booster supplements around, but every purchase also comes with a lifetime money back guarantee, so there is absolutely no risk involved.

The Testo Fuel formula is specifically made to boost your natural production of testosterone and your free test levels, while also being able to aid protein synthesis, build muscle and strength, promote fat and weight loss, increase physical and mental energy, reduce stress, and lift your mood and confidence.

It consists of nothing but natural ingredients and includes d-aspartic acid, panax ginseng extract, KSM 66 ashwagandha extract, fenugreek extract, green tea extract containing 70% catechins, pomegranate extract containing 40% ellagic acid, vitamin d, zinc, vitamin b5, vitamin b6, garlic extract, and black pepper extract containing 95% piperine.

While two thirds of this formula are often found testosterone boosters, the other ingredients are not, as they do not directly affect your testosterone levels. However, they can still be very useful in testosterone pills for the other ways in which they can affect your hormone balance.

Green tea extract boasts caffeine and the potent antioxidant catechin EGCG. This combination will burn body fat, reduce stress levels, and increase your metabolism and ability to build muscle, all of which is great for boosting testosterone levels and keeping estrogen levels down.

It can then also offer a range of additional health benefits that includes boosting your energy levels and brain and heart functions, reducing your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels, and helping with certain illnesses (18).

The ellagic acid in pomegranate extract is another ingredient with potent antioxidant properties, which can help with inflammation, diabetes, brain functions, sleep, and certain chronic illnesses.

It is especially beneficial in natural testosterone supplements for women though, as there is also evidence that it can help with polycystic ovary syndrome and balance blood concentrations of lipids and various sex hormones (19).

While vitamin b5 is more useful in a testosterone supplement for men, as it can stimulate better testicle function, its ability to reduce chronic stress makes it beneficial in supplements for women too, as this will limit their estrogen production and help them to produce more testosterone as well (20).

Garlic extract has a similar effect on the testes to vitamin b5, however it also stimulates luteinizing hormone secretion, meaning it directly effects the production of testosterone in women as well as men (21).

Manufactured in FDA approved facilities and without the use of any artificial additives, Testo Prime is comfortably one of the better natural testosterone boosters for women who are trying testosterone boosting supplements for the first time or who simply want to stay young.


  • Made with nothing but 100 percent natural ingredients
  • Specifically designed to combat low testosterone levels as you age
  • Can aid both muscle gain and fat burning
  • Can relieve stress and boost energy levels
  • Has a no hassle, 100% lifetime money back guarantee


  • One of the more expensive testosterone boosting supplements currently on the market
  • Can only be purchased directly from the official Testo Prime website

Testogen – The Best Natural Testosterone Supplement For Women

Testogen is a testosterone booster designed by Health Nutrition Limited that is created using nothing but natural ingredients to boost your t levels.

It’s formula includes the common test booster ingredients d-aspartic acid, fenugreek extract, vitamin d3, zinc, Korean red ginseng extract, boron, magnesium, vitamin b6, and bioperine, and has the two unique compounds vitamin k1 and nettle leaf extract.

It has absolutely no caffeine, chemicals, dairy, fillers, gluten, GMOs, soy, or synthetic or artificial ingredients anywhere in sight.

Vitamin k1, much like vitamin d supplements, does not directly boost your t levels. Instead, as a vitamin k deficiency can cause your natural production of testosterone to shut down, taking it in supplement form will prevent this from happening (37).

Nettle leaf extract does not stimulate the production of testosterone directly either. Rather, it benefits your t levels as it binds to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). As sex hormone binding globulin inhibits your production of testosterone, preventing it from doing so will greatly boost your free t levels.

It can then also offer a range of additional health benefits, such as keeping both your prostate and urinary tract healthy and functioning and preventing inflammation throughout the body (38).

Much like Estroven, Testogen will not be able to replace testosterone therapy or dramatically increase your t levels. However, if you are looking for a product that contains absolutely nothing artificial to prevent them from dropping in the first place, then this can be a very good choice.


  • All of its ingredients are natural and proven to prevent your t levels from dropping
  • Contains no fillers or additives


  • Has quite a large price tag and serving size
  • Will not dramatically raise your t levels or replace testosterone therapy

Performer 8 – The Best Testosterone Supplements For Low Libido

Performer 8 is one of the best testosterone boosters for women who are particularly worried about either developing or combatting low libido and keeping themselves in peak sexual health.

While its formula contains many staples of testosterone supplements, such as maca root extract, KSM 66 ashwagandha extract and, panax ginseng extract, it also uses ingredients specifically for this purpose. These include muira purma extract, ferrous bisglycinate, horny goat weed, glucuronolactone, grape seed extract, and pine bark extract.

Muira purma extract is a wood extract from Brazil that has been used as an aphrodisiac and nerve tonic in traditional medicines for years and can enhance both libido and cognitive functions (22).

Ferrous bisglycinate is a natural, easy to digest form of iron. While this is primarily put in testosterone supplements for men, as it can combat erectile dysfunction, there is also evidence to suggest that it can offer improved sexual function for women as well (23).

Horny goat weed is a flavonoid used in traditional Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac and erectile enhancer. However, there is also evidence that it can promote optimal testosterone levels, brain functions, blood flow, and heart health as well (24).

Glucuronolactone is a chemical best known for being put in energy drinks, as it can increase your levels of energy and alertness. It is even more useful in testosterone boosters though, as clinical trials show it can improve your total testosterone and growth hormone levels as well (25).

Grape seed extract contains catechins that are proven to have anti inflammatory properties and can boost circulation and inhibit oestrogen production (26).

Pine bark extract can then stimulate the production of testosterone and prevent erectile dysfunction (27).

The way in which Performer 8 boosts testosterone production, testosterone levels, sexual drive, sexual function, energy, and stamina, and even male erectile function and semen mobility and volume makes it a great choice for both women and men who prioritise their sexual health.


  • Great for helping to prevent or treat low libido and its symptoms
  • Specifically designed to improve your sexual drive, performance, and functions
  • Can also benefit your heart and brain health and make you more energetic


  • A little on the pricey side
  • Can only be purchased directly from the official Performer 8 website

Gorilla Mind Sigma – The Best Testosterone Supplement To Use Instead Of Hormone Therapy

Gorilla Mind Sigma is a testosterone booster made from bioavailable minerals and nutrients to boost gonadotropin and steroid hormone production and regulate protein binding and stress levels, to enhance both your natural production of testosterone and free test levels.

The Gorilla Mind Sigma formula consists of the common natural testosterone boosters zinc, vitamin d3, magnesium, ashwagandha extract, and boron. However, it also includes two quite unique ingredients as well, in fadogia agrestis extract and tongkat ali.

Fadogia Agrestis is a Nigerian shrub that has been linked to many health benefits in various traditional medicines. This includes the ability to enhance the natural production of testosterone, increase libido, and improve athletic performance (28).

Tongkat ali is a herb that has also long been used in traditional medicines, as it is claimed to enhance fertility, reduce estrogen levels, and produce an aphrodisiac effect (29).

There are also suggestions that fadogia agrestis and tongkat ali work particularly well when paired together like they are here.

This formula allows Gorilla Mind Sigma to help you keep your testosterone levels naturally high and prevent your estrogen levels from rising too much.

There are also guides on the bottle to explain how users can take either a 2 capsule or 4 capsule serving, which is quite unique for both testosterone boosters and dietary supplements in general.

This makes it a good choice for people who like using natural ingredients, having a bit more control over how they take their supplements, or want to avoid using hormone therapy.


  • Made using only natural ingredients
  • Stimulates your natural production of steroid hormones
  • Gives you a choice of what dosage to take
  • Has an aphrodisiac effect and can boost energy and athletic performance
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not as potent or fast acting as some other testosterone supplements
  • Some users have reported experiencing side effects after extended periods of use

Ageless Male Pro T Shred – The Best Testosterone Supplements For Weight Loss

Ageless Male Pro T Shred is designed to help you lose weight and raise your testosterone levels at the same time.

Its formula consists of only natural ingredients and includes green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous, ashwagandha extract, l-theanine, cayenne fruit powder, black pepper fruit extract, vitamin d, vitamin b1, vitamin b2, vitamin b3, vitamin b6, and vitamin b12.

Now, admittedly, most of these ingredients won’t directly give you a testosterone boost. What they will do, however, is prevent you from developing a testosterone deficiency while helping you to lose weight, as being overweight itself can also lead to low testosterone levels.

L theanine is an amino acid that can boost focus, immune functions, relaxation, and sleep, reduce anxiety and stress, improve your exercise performance and recovery, and enhance fat burning and lean muscle mass growth (30).

Cayenne fruit powder is a pepper extract that stimulates thermogenesis, raising your body temperature and enhancing your metabolism and calorie and fat burning abilities. It also offers appetite suppression, making it easier to stick to a diet, and reduces pain and inflammation (31).

Vitamin b1 is essential for the body to fully break down the nutrients that you consume in your diet, so that you can grow, develop, and have energy, without experiencing weight gain (32).

Vitamin b2 promotes effective antibody production, cell respiration, and the repair and recovery of bodily tissues, while improving energy metabolism, fat burning, and nutrient absorption (33).

Vitamin b3 speeds up your metabolism, promotes body fat burning, improves skin, joint, and organ health, reduces ldl cholesterol levels, and boosts cognitive functions and the biosynthesis of neurotransmitters (34).

Vitamin b12 controls cell and nutrient metabolism, red blood cell production, and DNA, bone marrow, and nerve sheath maintenance, and the functions of the nervous system. It is perhaps the most important vitamin in the formula, as a vitamin b12 deficiency will lead to low testosterone levels, which this will prevent (35).

While it won’t effect your t levels as much as some of the supplements that solely focus on boosting testosterone levels, Ageless Male Pro T Shred is a great choice for people who want to naturally raise their testosterone levels and improve their body composition at the same time.


  • Can help you to improve both your testosterone levels and body composition
  • Doubles up as a multi vitamin and offers a variety of health benefits
  • Can prevent you from developing low testosterone


  • Won’t effect your hormone levels as much as dedicated testosterone boosters

Estroven – The Best Testosterone Booster Supplements For Postmenopausal Women

Estroven Complete Multi Symptom Menopause Relief is not a traditional testosterone booster, as it is targeted specifically at postmenopausal women.

It is advertised as a simple, safe, drug and hormone free supplement that is scientifically proven to provide relief from the symptoms of the menopause.

The Estroven Complete Menopause Relief formula is extremely simple, as it contains only one active ingredient, rhapontic rhubarb extract.

Rhapontic rhubarb extract is a European root extract that is said to almost completely cure all major menopause symptoms.

This includes hot flashes, night sweats, sleep issues, heart problems, mood swings, depression, anxiety, stress, muscle pains, mental and physical exhaustion, vaginal dryness, poor sexual functions and bladder and urinary health (36).

The lack of any ingredients that actually enhance your production or levels of the male sex hormone means Estroven will not be right for women who are looking for a traditional testosterone booster.

However, if you are trying to prioritise combatting the effects of the menopause, it can be a very effective option.


  • Specifically designed to help postmenopausal women combat their symptoms
  • Contains the recommended dosage of its only active ingredient


  • Will not boost your production of the male hormone or replace testosterone therapy like a traditional testosterone supplement would

EVLution Nutrition EVL Test – The Best Testosterone Boosters For Women On A Budget

EVLution Nutrition EVL Test Test Support Complex is a testosterone booster designed to help you build lean muscle mass and strength, improve your physical performance and body composition, and enjoy better stamina and sleep quality.

The EVL Test formula contains d-aspartic acid, fenugreek seed extract, tribulus terrestris fruit extract, DIM magnesium, zinc, vitamin d and vitamin b6.

All of these ingredients are proven to boost free t levels and most are common in test boosters, with the exception of tribulus terrestris fruit extract and DIM.

Tribulus terrestris fruit extract comes from the fruit of the tribulus terrestris plant. It has long been used in ayurvedic medicine, due to claims that it can boost libido and sex drive, improve heart health, and prevent erectile dysfunction (39).

DIM (diindolylmethane) is a compound made of indole and methane that is naturally found in some green vegetables and proven to help the human body maintain a healthy hormone balance.

It can interact with estrogen binding sites to prevent your body from converting testosterone into estrogen, keeping your estrogen levels low and your t levels high. It can also enhance your health, sexual functions, and physical performance, prevent weight gain, and combat inflammation and certain illnesses (40).

Perhaps the biggest selling point of EVL Test though, is its very reasonable price tag. Given that all of its ingredients are proven to help with the stated goals of the product, this makes it a great test booster for women shopping on a budget.


  • All of its ingredients are proven to benefit your t levels
  • Its effects on sleep quality are particularly well spoken of
  • Very reasonably priced


  • Not quite as potent as some of the more expensive test boosters

Final Thoughts On the Best Testosterone Boosters For Women

When a woman takes testosterone supplements, she gives herself the ability to enjoy all of the benefits the male hormone is well known to offer. This includes improving her physical performance, energy, and body composition, and even avoiding needing testosterone therapy.

There are some great testosterone supplements out there, but none are as good for women as TestoFuel. With its ingredients and doses all proven by clinical trials to aid your testosterone levels, it will provide all of the benefits that you could ask for, without costing you a fortune.

If for some reason you feel that it is not the right choice for you, one of the other testosterone supplements for women on our list certainly will be. However, for everyone else, we highly recommend that you give TestoFuel a try and see the amazing benefits it can offer for yourself.


Dr. Kate Gundy physician with over 20 years of clinical experience in obstetric and gynecologic care. She has additional training and expertise in integrative medicine, medical acupuncture, menopause, female sexual problems, pelvic pain, vulvar pain, and vulvovaginal and gynecologic dermatologic disorders. She has authored work in peer-reviewed journals relevant to her field, including those related to gynecology, women’s health and sexuality, integrative medicine, female chronic pain, and sexual pain.

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