Maca For Sex – Testosterone, Premature Ejaculation, And Erectile Dysfunction

Who in this world doesn’t want to have a better sexual experience? But do all of them come with equal energy to keep their sexual performance up to the mark? We guess not. This is …

Maca For Sex - Testosterone, Premature Ejaculation, And Erectile Dysfunction

Who in this world doesn’t want to have a better sexual experience? But do all of them come with equal energy to keep their sexual performance up to the mark? We guess not. This is where the belief in natural herbs like Maca has grown higher and higher.

Some people use Maca to help them deal with stress, much like they would use other adaptogenic herbs. Maca root, however, possesses its own unique qualities that make it distinctive from others.

As a natural aphrodisiac and fertility enhancer, Maca is a fascinating root. Numerous studies corroborate the assertions that this has positive effects on your sexual life. But lots of the question about this herb is still unanswered. We’re here to find out those answers, at least a few of them.

What Is Maca?

Lepidium meyenii, which we know as Maca, is a plant that originated in Peru and is often used as a ginseng substitute. Similar to other cruciferous vegetables, including cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and kale, Maca is a superfood with a long list of health benefits.

Originally, the Andean plateaus of Peru were home to the maca plant. One surprising fact about Maca is that it has been grown by Andean people for two thousand years.

Benefits of Maca

There’s no way to deny that Maca is filled with benefits. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have a significant influence over people for years. But which ones are the most highlighted benefits on the list? Well, let’s check them out.

Potential Libido Booster

According to some research, supplementing with concentrated Maca may help those whose sexual drive is poor.

Taking 3,000 milligrams of maca root daily for 12 weeks drastically enhanced sexual performance and libido compared with a placebo in a 2015 research of over 45 women having an antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction.

According to a review of 4 high-quality research including 131 people published in 2010, taking Maca for at least 6 weeks has shown a significant increase in libido. However, the researchers admitted that the review’s sample sizes were too small and the data was insufficient. For that, reaching a definitive conclusion wasn’t easy.

Despite the encouraging findings of this study, it remains to be seen if Maca actually helps with low libido or sexual dysfunction.

Potential Antidepressant Effects

After six weeks of supplementation with Maca, a 2014 research showed decreased depressive behavior and improved dopamine levels. According to Cassie Wilder, N.D., a registered naturopathic doctor, there’s a connection between the adaptogenic properties of Maca and this kind of change.

She also explains that people’s mood improves as they develop stress resilience and learn to cope with the stresses of daily life.

So, if you’re often feeling anxious and tense, Maca can help to calm your nerves a little bit if you take it consistently; nevertheless, further human research is needed to validate the link between Maca and mood.

Boosting Male Fertility

Some studies suggest that maca supplementation might boost fertility in males. Maca, for instance, has been demonstrated to increase the quantity of sperm per milliliter of semen in animal experiments. And for obvious reasons, the quality and quantity of a man’s sperm are directly correlated.

Maca’s effects on 69 males with moderately low sperm count were evaluated in a research published in 2020.

2 grams of Maca daily for 12 weeks dramatically increased semen concentration and improved male enhancement. The result was quite better compared to placebo therapy. However, the motility of sperm did not change significantly between the treatment and placebo groups.

Despite the encouraging findings, more study is needed. In addition, there is a need for well-conducted research on the impact of maca supplements on semen quality and other elements of male fertility.

Lifting Mood and Decreasing Blood Pressure

Flavonoids, which are found in Maca, have been linked to a boosted mood and decreased anxiety. The effects of Maca on anxiety and depression in 14 postmenopausal women were investigated in a study where Maca was shown to alleviate depressive symptoms in postmenopausal women.

On top of that, Maca root may also aid in lowering hypertension. Blood pressure was seen to be reduced in postmenopausal women who took 3.3 grams of Maca daily for 12 weeks in the same 2015 research.

Lowering the Symptoms of Menopause

Users of Maca root claim it can regulate estrogen levels. If you’ve had a fair share of research on the subject, you should know that Estrogen levels rise and fall before menopause.

According to research, taking two Maca pills daily has been helpful in alleviating menopausal symptoms, including night sweats and hot flashes.

Does Maca Reduce Premature Ejaculation?

No research has shown that Maca is beneficial as a T-booster. Many men believe Maca can increase testosterone levels naturally, yet this is a topic of debate. There are anecdotal stories of this herb helping to increase testosterone, but no scientific research was found to back up these claims.

The effects of a Peruvian plant on one’s mood, sexual desire, and testosterone levels were studied in research involving a group of male volunteers and published in Andrologia. Those males received either 1,500 mg or 3,000 mg of Maca over the course of two doses, with some receiving a placebo.

After 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks, participants were asked to fill out a test questionnaire to assess their mental health. At week 8, the researchers found that Maca has increased their libido. However, testosterone levels remained unchanged.

Is Maca Helpful in Erectile Dysfunction?

Maca is a common ingredient in several of the market’s top non-prescription Erectile Dysfunction (ED) medicines. To enhance erections, it includes the chemical p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate.

As men become older, erectile dysfunction is a typical concern. Approximately 50% of American males between the ages of 40 and 70 experience erectile dysfunction. Research says that only around 10% of men with ED worldwide actually seek medical help.

Maca, fortunately, has the ability to cure this problem. In a study, 50 males with moderate erectile dysfunction participated in a double-blind setting. Half of them took 2,400 milligrams of Maca root once a day, and the other half were given a placebo.

There was a statistically significant improvement in erectile function between the Maca and placebo groups after 12 weeks. Researchers found that even in moderate cases of ED, men who took Maca supplements saw improvements in their sexual health.

Final Words

If you’re asking for a herb that can boost your libido, we say you can trust Maca with closed eyes. Even a whole bunch of reports and studies speak in favor of the efficiency of Maca.

On top of that, there is clear evidence of the Maca being an energy, endurance, and stamina booster. So, if you’re planning to take a sip, we’d say that won’t be a mistake.

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