Hourglass Fit Review 2023-Is It Safe? Does It Do What It Claims?

Those extra waist inches and belly fat can knock down a woman’s self-esteem and love for herself. No offense, but isn’t it frustrating that men get to lose weight significantly in less time than women? …

Hourglass Fit Review 2023-Is It Safe Does It Do What It Claims

Those extra waist inches and belly fat can knock down a woman’s self-esteem and love for herself. No offense, but isn’t it frustrating that men get to lose weight significantly in less time than women?

So, you do need a gender-specific product for weight loss. 

Among several options, Hourglass Fit metabolism-boosting fat burner supplement met our requirements. It is indeed a caffeine-free product that is excellently designed for women.

Now the question is how effective this supplement reduces your cravings and burning off body fat. 

Today’s blog has an unbiased Hourglass Fit review. Go through every single fact to see whether this supplement is worth your expectations and money. 

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Summary of the Review

Here in this section, we’ll briefly discuss the traits of this product. Let’s sign a quick check after the Hourglass Fit ins and outs. 


  • Caffeine-free, non-toxic, non-chemical, vegan-friendly, all-natural supplement
  • Eliminates unhealthy cravings
  • Cheers you up and makes you feel more energetic
  • Promotes your immune system
  • Ensures a healthy digestive system


  • May disturb other medications and medical conditions in your body

Why Did We Pick This Product? 

We find Hourglass Fit very effective for losing weight without a drop in health. It is an excellent supplement for eliminating inappropriate cravings.

We adore this product because it can influence you to hit the gym once a day. Meanwhile, it provides your body with the required stamina and energy. 

Caffeine-free, all-natural products are really rare. Even though leading brands only seem promising, they somehow disappoint us when it comes to results.

However, keeping high hopes for this particular product has never disappointed us.

Instead, it has made us feel more confident with a fit and strong body. 

How do we “Know Hourglass Fit Better?” 

Hourglass Fit is basically a fat burner designed especially for women. It comes as capsules with excellent metabolism-boosting power, and assists women in three ways, thus becoming their faithful companion on their weight loss journeys. 

Let’s have a look at the ways it works −

  • Uses Glucomannan and Piperine to suppress appetite and cut off cravings.
  • Reduces calorie consumption and helps your body burn the extra calories you consume.
  • Boosts your energy, metabolism, and overall stamina for longer workout sessions.

We’ve found Hourglass Fit rapidly boosts energy naturally. While caffeinated brands take over years to respond, this gets you an overall result throughout the day with no potential health threats. 

This supplement will help you with some mood-enhancing benefits to overcome stress and anxiety.

Consequently, you get inspired to go miles more on your fitness journey. 

Ingredients of Hourglass Fit and Their Benefits 

Hourglass is a combination of several appetite-suppressing ingredients. It also includes components like capsaicin and many other thermogenic components that directly curb cravings and burn fat faster. 

Below we’ll get you through the high-end ingredients this product contains so you can understand the science behind how this works. 

  • Glucomannan
  • 5-HTP
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Chromium 
  • Zinc
  • Capsimax
  • Bioperine

Let’s have a brief understanding of each of the ingredients mentioned above. 


If you’re looking for a weight-loss supplement, there can be no option better than Glucomannan. Its appetite suppression capacity is what makes Hourglass stand out.

This natural botany is derived from the rhizome of the konjac plant. 

It is water-soluble and grows in the stomach while giving you the sensation of fullness. You get to eliminate sugar cravings with the intake of this ingredient. 

Studies have shown Glucomannan is not only great for weight loss but also beneficial for lipid and lipoprotein parameters. 


5-hydroxytryptophan is very well-received due to its serotonin production capacity. It’s a by-product of L-tryptophan.

We find it very effective for protein building; it legitimately is one of the best naturally occurring amino acids. 

This primarily impacts improving your sleep, appetite reduction, anxiety, and depression. It also helps women reduce BMI (Body Mass Index). 

Vitamin B2

Tons of studies have certified B vitamins to be very effective for lessening fatigue and improving cognitive functioning.

On the other hand, some animal studies marked them as capable of reducing body weight gain hormones and plasma levels of lipids. 

This substance is also known as riboflavin, as it efficiently supports cell growth, quality, development, and overall functioning in the body.

Transforming food into energy is one of its most significant traits. 

Hourglass includes a decent amount of this vitamin, although it is found in green veggies, eggs, organ meats, fortified grains, and dairy products. Actually, the product combines it in a way that results in rapid weight loss. 

Vitamin B6

Sudden weight loss might invite weakness and other diseases. To prevent those, the product contains B6. This vitamin is significantly involved in increasing metabolism. Besides, it comes with health benefits like −

  • Reduction of cardiovascular damage
  • Improves overall cognitive function
  • Helps to prevent cancer and other life-threatening diseases
  • Lessening the frustrating PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) symptoms

Vitamin B12

B12 is a wonderful substance for your body. For starters, it will assist health development by maintaining the DNA, blood, and nerve cells.

Natural foods like meat, eggs, dairy products, fish, cereals, and some other fortified stuff contain this ingredient.

But Hourglass brought it for its wonderful mood-enhancing qualities. It promotes your body’s energy, stamina, and endurance. 


Chromium is primarily used in products for treating type-2 diabetes and enhancing weight loss. Even insulins have this substance. Its natural resources are meats, fruits, vegetables, and grains. 

If you maintain a proper diet and exercise while taking this ingredient regularly, this will show the best results.

Mostly because it doesn’t bother you or the product’s other ingredients with any side effects. 


Zinc is another significant element that our body requires for the proper functioning of enzymes, DNA, and RNA metabolism. Meats, seafood, nuts, beans, and dairy products have this ingredient in rich levels.

But this fat burner suppresses its restricted calories, and after combining it with the other ingredients, it treats extra weight and several other health issues. 


Hourglass includes this ingredient due to its OmniBead technology which enhances metabolizing and lowers body fat. It helps your body’s blood circulation and cell development as well. 


Bioperine comes from black pepper. It is one of the primary components that help the absorption of nutrients and reduces the chances of these potential scientific trials −

  • Body weight
  • Fat mass
  • Triglycerides (type of fat found in the blood)
  • Extra cholesterol

Ingredient Mechanism 

Hourglass is admired by researchers all over the world mostly because of its flawless combination of ingredients. It has every single in perfect proportion.

For starters, it has Vitamins B6 in 1.7mg, equaling 100% of our body’s daily requirements. 

Vitamin B12 and B2 are there in the amount of 2.4 micrograms and 1.1 mg, respectively; these come in small qualities and can aid users by reducing cardiovascular issues, DNA development, and more.

For other ingredients, it has 125μg of Chromium (best for aiding weight loss), 8mg of Zinc (helps with metabolism), 300mg of Glucomannan (works to cut down sugar cravings), 5mg of Bioperine (helps to lose body mass and fat), and 150 mg of 5-HTP (deals with anxiety and depression). 

Hourglass Fit Review

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Dosage Recommendations

You’re allowed to take 4 hourglass capsules a day. One before breakfast, two before lunch, and one before dinner.

You are to take the capsules 30 minutes before your mealtimes. This isn’t a random rule; there’s a valid reason. 

Following the timetable means giving the capsule 30 good minutes to diminish your appetite significantly.

As a result, you eat less and obviously don’t even think about snacks between meals. 

Potential Drawbacks of Hourglass Ingredients 

Although Hourglass is a highly efficient yet safe product that combines all the ingredients in the perfect proportion, you should stick to the dosage due to a few risky ingredients. Vitamin B6 should come first.

We aren’t saying it isn’t safe to intake, but over-dose of vitamin B6 might interact with other medications.

The medications would include −

  • Cycloserine
  • Some epilepsy drugs
  • Theophylline

Anyway, B12 is safe but might not be trusted with heart disease and stroke. Other than that, no verification could come out with a single fault in the Hourglass Fit ingredient formulation. 

Safety Standards of Hourglass Fit

Adults over 18 can take Hourglass Fit without any restrictions. The greatest fact is men can take this supplement as well.

But if you’re pregnant or nursing, it’s wiser to avoid fat burners. Another thing, chronic medical conditions would be a restriction to this fat burner as well due to the other medications. 

However, you should consult with your doctor before starting with this supplement.

Get yourself an appropriate diet that would blend well with this supplement and your body.

But the medical conditions would be a serious issue since the supplement can interact with the medications and food allergies. 

Privacy Concerns While Purchasing Hourglass Fit 

The website of Hourglass Fit uses cookies and other verification technologies to gather significant information about the user. It may also use the information for promotional and site navigation purposes. 

Although the website might share your information with its partners to provide services and for ease of advertising, it gets access to only the information you give allowance to.

The important thing is the company is very secure when it comes to your payment details; you can expect top-level privacy and security. 

Pricing of Hourglass Fit

To be honest, Hourglass is a pretty expensive product. Plus, you won’t get any subscription to any member either.

But there’s a package; if you purchase the Ultimate Slim package ($180), you’ll get one free bottle which saves you up to $1.50 per day.

Let’s look at its pricing categories − 

SupplyCostPrice Per Day
One-month supply$60             $2
Two-month supply$120$2
Four-month supply$180$1.50

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Hourglass Fit work?

The primary job of this product is to suppress hunger and limit the level of food intake per day. Besides the basics, it influences blood circulation, cell development, the promotion of the immune system, and so on. It actually synthesizes your body’s extra fat from the fat cells stored in the body. 

Can men use Hourglass Fit? 

Yes, they can actually! However, Hourglass Fit is a product specially designed for women since losing weight is harder for women than men. So, it’s recommended that a man should consult his physician before starting the dosage of Hourglass Fit. 

Does Hourglass Fit help lose belly fat? 

Indeed, it does. Hourglass fit is effective for burning fat from every corner of your body. Even it’s safe to say that Hourglass starts from your belly and waist. Increasing your metabolic rate turns out to be very helpful for fat reduction.

Bottom Line

Women who are determined to lose weight should give Hourglass a shot. Developing your eating habits and lifestyle it puts a positive impact on your overall health.

We can safely say our Hourglass Fit review explained one thing very clearly, the craving reduction and energy-boosting capacity of this supplement. 

So, it’s time that you leave the fool’s paradise full of caffeine and other promising but unhealthy fat burner supplements and switch to the expert of this sphere.

Feel free to consult any physician or expert to clear up unsureness in your mind, we highly encourage it. 


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Dr. Matt Boold is a licensed clinical psychologist who conducts structured assessment and psychotherapy with medical patients and mental health consumers in Reno, Nevada. He also conducts original research on posttraumatic stress and emotional regulation in clinical disorders, and he teaches university courses on related topics.

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