Interactive Tools – Method Match

An Interactive Tool for Choosing a Birth Control Method

Method Match It is important to find the birth control method that best fits your individual needs. This interactive tool is designed to help you narrow your birth control options based on the criteria that matter most to you. Use the sort, filter, and compare functions to see which methods may best fit your lifestyle. Understanding your options will help you to have an informed conversation with your health care provider about choosing the best birth control method for you.

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My MethodWould you prefer to answer a series of questions to help narrow your birth control options before comparing them in Method Match? Try the My Method widget from Planned Parenthood. Better yet – explore both tools and become an expert on the best birth control options for you.

Method Match is funded through educational grants from Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Duramed Pharmaceuticals, and Schering Plough Corporation as part of ARHP’s Choosing a Birth Control Method program.