Ostarine Review 2023-Side Effect, Where to Buy

Bodybuilders usually take supplements to boost their muscle-building process. There are many well-known SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) to help you to increase your body mass, and Ostarine is one of them. Furthermore, this supplement …

Ostarine Review

Bodybuilders usually take supplements to boost their muscle-building process. There are many well-known SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) to help you to increase your body mass, and Ostarine is one of them.

Furthermore, this supplement will also help treat various diseases related to your body’s muscle mass. If you are suffering from Osteoporosis and Polymyositis, then Ostarine can help you to treat this kind of illness.

If you want to learn more about Ostarine, you have found the right article. Stay with us till the end of this Ostarine review, and you will get full information about Ostarine.

How Does Ostarine Work?

Ostarine is very different from other anabolic steroid supplements in the market. Mainly it works on some selective muscle tissues. Connecting androgen receptors (AR) boosts your body’s muscle mass.

Furthermore, this product modifies your genes in the body and helps with protein synthesis enhancement, which is very efficient for people who are into bodybuilding to grow their muscles.

It has many cutting cycle phases that depend on your physical condition. You can select the one you need based on your tolerance of these phases.

The more tolerance you have, the more quickly this supplement can help you cut down your fats and the more quickly you can see your muscle gain.

Some people want to lose their fat rapidly. To lose your fats, you need to follow a healthy diet. In this phase, your body might see a deficiency in many nutrients.

Ostarine can come in handy in this kind of situation. It will help fill the deficiency and boost the fat loss process.

This supplement helps you to tune your body shape rapidly. The process is very important for any bodybuilder.

If you like to gain muscle mass and cut down your body fat, then Ostarine is perfect for you.

Each and every product has its own pros and cons. Mostly, there is no supplement in the market that doesn’t have its cons.

Its advantage and disadvantage are provided down below −


  • Helps with the fat-burning process
  • Helps to gain muscle growth rapidly
  • Your body shape tone will improve
  • Easy to consume
  • The muscle loss process will slow down
  • Side effects are less compared to other anabolic steroids


  • Outcomes vary from person to person
  • To see the results, you might have to wait longer

What Can You Expect from Ostarine?

There are many similar products in the market, such as Ligandrol and Testolone.

Compared with all this, the product effect of Ostarine is mild, even though it takes longer to help you to develop your muscle mass.

Moreover, this product has fewer negative side effects compared to other supplements. That is why many people like to consume this product over other similar products.

People who like to improve their bone density and build their body mass are the most loyal customers of this product. But many athletes also like to consume this to enhance their performance.

You need to understand that before you start consuming this supplement, there is no scientific evidence published about this product.

Anecdotal experiences are the source of the known effects. You need to wait for the scientific evidence to be published for more accurate results.

Benefits of Ostarine

Ostarine helps you in many ways, such as if you want to gain muscle mass, this will support you. It has a great effect on the fat loss process.

All of these claims still need to be proven scientifically, but there are many people who benefit from them. Aids you can get are given below −

  • Generate muscle mass
  • Increase your bone health
  • Help to cut down body fat
  • Improve heart health condition
  • Resistance to intake of insulin improves

Generates Muscle Mass

The main purpose of creating Ostarine was to treat elderly people who have been suffering from diseases such as muscular degeneration.

However, there is still no medical evidence that it helps with the process.

People who love bodybuilding start consuming and fall in love with this product. This supplement helps people to boost their bodybuilding process.

And, This supplement attaches itself with an AR to help gain growth of your muscle mass and tries to avoid ER. It doesn’t get attached to ER, which is why this has lower side effects.

Research shows that consuming this supplement improves your mass muscle growth drastically.

You need to consume this daily 1mg for at least 16 weeks to see the growth. Following this process can gain 2-3 lbs. of lean muscle mass.

Improves Bone Health

It is commonly known that the older you get, the condition of your bone health gets poorer and poorer.

Older people find it tough to recover from any kind of injury related to their bones. This takes longer to heal their bones.

It works on your body’s muscle mass and increases your bone health. Though this process is still under investigation, there is no solid evidence against this claim.

However, many people get relief after consuming this supplement.

Help to Cut Down Body Fat

There are many speculations about what Ostarine can and can’t do. One proven fact is that it can help you in your fat-burning journey.

One of the core features of Ostarine is to help you boost your body’s metabolic rate. By doing this, your body’s calories start to burn more quickly.

Even when your body is resting, it still burns calories. All of this process is a natural response of your body.

For this reason, people who want to lose their fat embrace Ostarine openly and love to consume it to boost their fat-burning process.

Improve Heart Health Condition

The heart maintains blood flow in your body and helps to distribute oxygen and other nutrients all over your body.

For many reasons, you can face heart disease; if that happens, you can face life-threatening dangers. Being overweight and muscle wasting can be because of health diseases.

Researchers studied 120 elder people to see how Ostarine can affect them. They found out that people who consume 1-3mg of these supplements every day reduce levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, and HDL cholesterol.

Resistance to Insulin Intake Improves 

Many researchers are pointing out that by consuming Ostarine, your body can develop natural resistance against insulin.

If this can be proven, then it can be a major product for diabetes patients or people who are suffering from metabolic syndrome.

This supplement helps your body gain insulin resistance which will help you to keep your blood sugar levels balanced.

It ensures that your blood glucose level stays high enough and stays high enough. Furthermore, type 2 diabetes patients can get relief by consuming this product.

To get more appropriate research results, you need to wait for them, as this supplement is still under investigation.

We recommend you get advice from medical professionals before you start to intake this supplement.

Side Effects of Ostarine

All SARMs have their own benefits but also have some negative side effects. Compared to other supplements and steroids, Ostarine has lesser side effects.

For that reason, the negative sides of this product are given down below −

  • It can subdue your testosterone
  • Liver damage
  • You might see hair loss
  • Face some cholesterol issues

It Can Subdue Your Testosterone Levels

The study shows that the serum testosterone level of people who consume this medicine for at least 12 weeks and 3 mg daily has some fluctuations.

If you overdose on Ostarine for a longer period, your testosterone level can be lowered. It basically depends on the user’s health condition and age.

Mostly, it doesn’t affect much if you intake a regular dosage of this supplement.

Obviously, testosterone-suppressing effects can be seen if you consume higher dosages regularly.

Liver Damage

Ostarine is still under investigation. To see how it can affect your liver, researchers use a survey to find a 20% increment of AST or ALT above the normal level.

Furthermore, consuming this by swallowing directly will bypass the liver and create inflammation and stress in organs. This process can cause damage to your liver.

You Might Notice Hair Loss

While consuming Ostarine for a longer period, you might see some hair loss. This can be seen after a particular cycle.

Increased levels of DHT can be the main cause of this issue. Ostarine attaches itself to AR; by doing this, it leaves free testosterone. DHT is converted by all those higher numbers of free testosterones.

Compared to other steroids or SARMs, this supplement has a lesser chance of creating this issue.

Face Some Cholesterol Issues

Studies show that by having Ostarine for 3mg per day, HDL cholesterol levels can decrease by 27%. This can be fatal for the human body.

You need to think before you consume a large portion of this supplement. If HDL levels decrease this much, you might get a heart attack.

Understanding the Ingredients in Ostarine Better

We can’t help admitting that the ingredients of this supplement are really impressive. Have a look at the list −

  • Vitamin B6- 15 mg
  • Vitamin K1- 15 mcg
  • Magnesium- 150 mg
  • Zinc Citrate- 7.5 mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid- 1764 mg
  • Nettle Leaf Extract- 30 mg
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract- 30 mg
  • Boron Citrate- 6 mg
  • Korean Red Ginseng- 30 mg
  • BioPerine- 3.8 mg

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 in this supplement works to increase the testosterone levels in your body. The element also regulates your sleep circles and helps you boost stamina and endurance.

Vitamin K1

Vitamin K1 is vividly involved with muscle strength and mass in your body. The amount of K1 in Ostarine stands for offering you muscle growth and recovery after having intense workout sessions. It does so by maintaining your body’s plasma levels.


Prevention of several diseases, including muscle spasms and flexibility issues, comes with the proper amount of magnesium intake. This supplement surely helps you in this case while offering you the appropriate amount of mineral magnesium.

Zinc Citrate

This element works for the betterment of your immune system. In a way, it increases your body’s overall energy and helps you complete intense tasks without getting tired.

D-Aspartic Acid

Hormone regulations in your brain are essential for muscle gain, testosterone boost, and energy boost. The amount of DAA in this supplement takes responsibility.

Nettle Leaf Extract

This element is the reason why Ostarine is so great at influencing muscle growth. Experts from all over the world suggest building muscles with organic elements.

Fenugreek Seed Extract

Fenugreek Seed Extract can rapidly boost strength, stamina, and endurance levels. It naturally increases testosterone production in your body as well. Bulking muscles up becomes way easier thanks to this component.

Boron Citrate

This particular substance works to strengthen muscles and bones. It temporarily improves testosterone production and quality as well.

Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng is found almost in every athletic supplement. And we don’t see why not. From improving your stamina to building muscles, it helps every physical improvement gesture.

It’ll keep you energetic even throughout massive workout sessions. Moreover, it helps with muscle spasms as well.


BioPerine takes responsibility for killing fat cells. It also helps your body’s fat distribution. If you’re planning on losing weight, the amount of BioPerine in this supplement can help you immensely.

Dosage Recommendation

Ostarine still needs to be approved by the FDA, which is why there are no proper guidelines for this supplement.

But based on some clinical studies and user reviews, we found out that 3mg, 9mg, and 18mg per day can be consumed, and people have claimed to have seen significant results following the dosage.

People who are more focused on bodybuilding, and gaining mass muscle, mostly intake 10 to 30mg daily, which is not recommended.

Most women intake around 10mg per day of Ostarine. By consuming leaser dosages, women are able to avoid the effects of virilization.

Furthermore, people believe the higher dosage they take, the more effectively they can gain progress in their lean bulking cycle. While it also quickens the fat-burning cycle.

We recommend you get some professional medical advice before you start consuming higher dosages of Ostarine since this can create some backlash in your body.

You should avoid consuming over 30mg daily as it could lead to severe liver damage, among other side effects.

Ostarine-Consuming Cycle and Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Ostarine can create some side effects in your body if you consume it for a longer period of time. The most commonly used cycle for this supplement is 12 weeks.

Many people like to stop taking this medicine after 8 weeks for a certain period of time. These people face fewer side effects than those who take it for longer than 12 weeks.

Bodybuilders like to take it for at least 12 weeks non-stop. After completing this 3-month cycle, they like to take time off for 3 to 4 weeks.

This period of time off from Ostarine is known as PCT. During this cycle, they don’t consume Ostarine and allow time for their body to recover.

Post-cycle therapy is very crucial. If you don’t follow this cycle, skip it.

This can leave scarring inside your body. You will suffer injuries that can affect you significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What kind of medicine is Ostarine

Ostarine is part of the SARM group of drugs. This supplement attaches itself to androgen receptors. It helps you gain muscle growth without worrying about the side effects when taken in moderation and under medical supervision.

2.    Is Ostarine part of steroids?

No, this supplement is not a steroid. However, it has an effect like steroids with much fewer internal and external side effects on your body. This medicine is anabolic SARM. If you want to gain muscle and bulk your body, then you can take it as an alternative to steroids which is legal and safe to consume.

3.    Is Ostarine safe SARMs?

It still needs to be approved by the FDA. There is still no solid evidence about it. This supplement is safe from some studies and research until you consume overdosage for longer. Moderation is the key to taking this supplement, as the effects can be detrimental and long-lasting.


This supplement is still under supervision. There isn’t much proper evidence about its effectiveness and harmfulness. But still, many people love to consume this, and they love this product.

It has fewer side effects than many steroids and works efficiently. This supplement helps you to boost your fat-burning journey and muscle growth. But overdosage can give you a fatal blow.

We highly recommend you take advice from medical experts and learn more about Ostarine reviews before starting to consume Ostarine.

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