Oat Straw Extract − Health Benefits, Dosage, Safety, and Side Effects

Oat straw extract has been known as a beneficial element to our health. Although this extract has many benefits, it has some cons too.  So, before we proceed any further, let’s know what this oat …

Oat Straw Extract

Oat straw extract has been known as a beneficial element to our health. Although this extract has many benefits, it has some cons too. 

So, before we proceed any further, let’s know what this oat straw extract actually is.

Oat straw extract comes from a natural plant. This is an extract that primarily works on the overall blood flow to result in an enhanced mood of a person. Moreover, this helps the brain function to be better. That’s not all.

Oat straw extract also reduces inflammation, anxiety, and skin irritations to an extent. 

This just gives you a brief of this extract; want to know more? Well, we have got you covered. 

Health Benefits of Oat Straw Extract

People expected and also got many benefits from oat straw extract. But here, we have covered the evident benefits people got from it.

Improved Blood Flow

Oat straw has a unique group of antioxidants known as avenanthramides. This helps your blood to flow at a regular and uniform rate.

Due to this, your chances of stroke drop to a great extent. Moreover, this prevents many other heart diseases due to good blood flow.

Reduced Inflammation

Chronic inflammation increases the possibility of heart disease. Moreover, it can lead to diabetes and cancer too.

However, oat straw extract has been tested to reduce inflammation effectively. The antioxidants from this extract resist and slow down the production of cytokines.

As a result, there is more inflammation resistance, lowering the risk of these diseases.

Better Mood

Oat straw extract is a good element to enhance one’s mood. This inhibits the enzyme phosphodiesterase and releases stress. 

As a result, you can feel relaxed and have a better mood. Oat straw also reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines, which helps you to be psychologically stable.

Reduces Skin Irritation

Today, it is common for people to have irritated skin due to dust allergies. For this, oat straw extract has been effective. 

This can help you reduce the irritation caused by dust on the skin. Moreover, this has also shown some effects on nourishing one’s skin.

Better Brain Functions

Oat straw can help in enhancing brain functions in adults. According to studies, it has been proven that this ingredient can drastically enhance your concentration and even boost your memory.

Dosage of Oat Straw Extract

You already know that oat straw extract comes in capsules, powder, and tinctures. So, you can choose whichever is convenient for you.

Remember, whatever form you choose, you must maintain its proper dosage. An ideal amount to consume is around 1200 mg per day. 

It can range from 800 to 1600 mg, which is the most effective. The quantity increases and decreases in this range depending on individuals. 

Note that the ideal dosage is considered to be 1200 or 1300 mg in a day. Going less may not be effective for some people. 

On the other hand, going above 1300 or 1400 mg leads to some kind of adverse reactions for some people.

However, for any queries, you can just consult your healthcare provider.

Safety Measures

Oat straw extract comes out to be beneficial for adults. Thus, it is absolutely safe for adults. However, you still need to remind one thing about it. 

Due to limited research, experts could not try this on pregnant women and children. Thus, we cannot expect positive results trying this on them.

Moreover, old people were also on the list of exceptions that missed this. As a result, you cannot be sure about trying this on children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Side Effects of Oat Straw Extract

According to various conducted research, no significant side effects were seen or evident. Thus, you can say oat straw extract has no drastic side effects.

But a few recent incidents claim that it irritates children’s digestion. Thus, it is recently believed that children would have certain impacts on consuming this.

Moreover, you must note that children are sensitive. According to a few studies, children with any particular allergies are prone to a condition of deterioration with this.

Although, it is not a must, you still better avoid this for children with any allergies.

The Final Words

Now you know about the oat straw extract! We hope you now have a clear idea about its objectives.

But remember, a pregnant woman should not take oat straw extract during pregnancy. This is because it’s still not tested to verify the overall consequences on them. 


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Ryan Medison Phd is an ABMS board certified urologist specializing in reproductive urology whose areas of expertise are men’s health and male infertility. He is also an associate professor of urology at the Institute in Berkeley, California, the director of male reproductive medicine and surgery at UNC Fertility

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