Best Foods For Healthy Sperm- Boost Male Fertility and Increase Sperm Count

A couple can have fertility issues if the male partner has poor sperm quality. What it does is it reduces the motility of the sperm, and therefore the traces cannot reach the reproductive tract of …

Best Foods For Healthy Sperm

A couple can have fertility issues if the male partner has poor sperm quality. What it does is it reduces the motility of the sperm, and therefore the traces cannot reach the reproductive tract of a woman. 

Poor sperm quality directly affects male fertility and can be very concerning. There are several reasons for lower sperm production; among them ‘unhealthy diet’ is one major concern. Your daily intake can make or break your potency. 

So, what are the best foods for healthy sperm? Do they work? What should you avoid? Today we are here to discuss crucial foods that can improve sperm morphology and quality. So, keep reading.

Are You into Smoking and Drinking? It’s High Time You Change Your Habits

Have you seen the quote “smoking kills”? It’s time to take things seriously from now onwards. Smoking and alcohol consumption is pretty common, and you are probably someone who is used to one of these or both. If you are not into alcohol or smoking, you probably are enjoying the best days of your life. 

According to research, overdoing alcohol intake can simply cause numerous diseases such as liver disease, heart disease, hypertension, and whatnot. Concerning sperm health, alcohol intake can level down the gonadotropin release, alter sperm shape and size, make you impotent, and even lower your testosterone.

Smoking is no help either; it can slow down hormone production, change sperm DNA, and affect male fertility.  

Best Foods for Healthy Sperm

Food is essential for a human being, but getting used to the wrong ones can counter your immune system and degrade your health. We have handpicked some of the formidable food items that can work wonderfully to raise your sperm count as well as make them active. Check the list below:

Indian Gooseberries

Also tagged as Amla, this aphrodisiac can boost your sex life. It is an antioxidant that contains vitamins, zinc, carotene, and others. The zinc and iron in the Indian gooseberry can work efficiently to better sperm quality. 


You might not have Amla in your kitchen, but it’s hard to say that it doesn’t have garlic. This is one thing that is widely used in most dishes and has healing properties. As it is an antioxidant, it can raise the testosterone level in men, which can further help with semen production. 


Folate and Vitamin b6 are super ingredients that support fertility in men. Folate can aid your body in producing fertilized sperm. So with a deficiency of folate, you might be shooting blanks. 

B6 is what aids testosterone synthesis and can maintain healthy sperm. 


When it comes to seafood, you have probably heard about oysters. They are mouth-watering delicacies that have superior benefits. It contains zinc in abundance, which is a key ingredient that can improve motility and sperm denseness. 

Moreover, there are Vitamin D12, Selenium, and Vitamin B12 in the oyster, which can play a key role in sperm DNA synthesis, sperm vitality, and elevated testosterone. 


Salmon fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acid that is known to benefit sperm development and also boasts other health benefits. Omega 3 is known to improve the morphology of sperm and generate healthy counts. Bluefish and Tuna are good alternatives to salmon and contain a good amount of omega-3. 

Omega 3 is also good for cardiovascular health and can counter plaque buildup in the artery. 


Although consuming excessive beef can deteriorate your health, moderate consumption can be beneficial for healthy sperm. Beef contains selenium, carnitine zinc, b12, and others. Carnitine is well known for its ability to help sperm mature and improve male fertility. 

Then there is zinc, renowned for boosting testosterone and sperm volume. Finally, B12 can shield sperm DNA from damage and promote healthy semen quality in men.   


We all know about tomatoes but might not know about their stellar benefits. You may know it as a vitamin C source, which is true, and it does a fine job in improving the motility of sperm as well as increasing the count. 

It also contains lycopene which is extremely functional in terms of generating sperm count as well as triggering their movement. Lycopene intake helps to make sperm swim faster and enhances fertility. 

What To Avoid

  • Stop consuming fried foods. They consist of trans fat that can take a toll on the overall sperm quality.
  • Say no to processed meat. According to studies, it affects male fertility. Even one serving of processed steaks or sausages can degrade your sperm quality.


If you ever feel incompetent due to a low sex drive or diminished sperm count, then you should visit a urologist. Before that, ask yourself what is wrong. It might be your way of living that is the cause and not any physical problem. A simple diet can change your fortune. 

Trying out the best foods for healthy sperm can boost your performance with time. First of all, quit smoking and drinking; only then you can help yourself. Eating foods such as Amla(Indian Gooseberries), Walnuts, Tomato, and Salmon, can improve your sperm health. 

Be patient and be perceptive about food habits. Talk to nutritionists, seek medical help and change your eating habits. Sooner than later, you will find yourself on solid ground. Best of luck!

Jordan Kally is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and a registered yoga teacher. Jordan is a gym owner in New York, where he holds personal training/health coaching sessions. He teaches classes on topics which include exercise, weight loss, stress management, sleep, and healthy eating.

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