Ageless Male Review 2023: Is It Safe and Effective?

Ageless Male is a testosterone booster made by a company called New Vitality. Their website markets this product as a supplement that increases free testosterone levels, give you lean muscle mass and increases your arousal …

Ageless Male Review

Ageless Male is a testosterone booster made by a company called New Vitality.

Their website markets this product as a supplement that increases free testosterone levels, give you lean muscle mass and increases your arousal levels, libido, and sexual health.

So, to what extent are these claims justified?

After thorough research, we find that ‘Ageless Male’ is a supplement with few testosterone-boosting ingredients. Not only that, the beneficial ingredients it does contain are in such low amounts as to make a negligible difference.

Therefore, in this Ageless Male Review, we evaluate the product through its ingredients and quality and aid you in deciding whether it’s going to be your pick or not!

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Ageless Male Review Everything You Need to Know

Ageless Male is a male enhancement supplement that boosts your fitness and sexual health.

But all its flashy marketing and advertisement fall short in front of scientific scrutiny.

Moreover, it contains 300 mg of ‘Fenugreek seed extract’, which may satisfy some of the claims made by the company, but it is unlike due to low dosage amounts.

Although it has some essential ingredients that can’t entirely be ignored, the overall quantity and ratio compromise the supplement’s effectiveness.

Let’s give you an overall view of the product based on our research.


  • May aid with libido increase
  • Consistent intake might aid with sexual drives
  • It may increase testosterone levels
  • Can aid with muscle mass issues


  • Ingredients are in too low amounts to have fast positive effects

An Overview of the Ingredients Available in Ageless Male and their Effectiveness

A serving of Ageless Male contains 4.9 mg of Vitamin B6, 16 mg of Magnesium, 15 mg of Zinc, and 300 mg of Fenugreek seed extract.

In the following section, we will review each of these main elements and provide our commentary on their effectiveness.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin mainly helps with your immune system. In a study, it has been discovered that vitamin B6 can bring testosterone up to normal levels.

Moreover, vitamin B6 also helps with obesity by increasing your metabolism.

However, the study used 80 mg of dosage instead of the mere 4.9 mg of dosage contained in a single serving of Ageless Male.

Other benefits of vitamin B6 include keeping your nervous system healthy and improving your mood.


Once again, the dosage amount is too low to have any meaningful impact.

Ageless Male offers you 16 mg of magnesium per serving. If you take two tablets daily, that’s 32 mg of magnesium.

Magnesium can increase free and plasma testosterone in your body if consumed in high dosages.

A study states that a 70 kg male must consume 700 mg of magnesium daily to have that effect.

16 mg is only 4 percent of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA).

According to the National Institutes of Health website, the RDA required magnesium for a male aged 31-50 years is 420 mg.


A tablet of Ageless Male includes 15 mg of zinc. And just like vitamin B6 and magnesium, the dosage is too low.

While zinc supplementation can increase testosterone levels (when consumed 25-50 mg for males), it only works in men with zinc deficiency.

Meaning if you are a normal healthy adult, it won’t do anything to you.

Fenugreek Seed Extract

This herb is probably the main selling point of Ageless Male, as this has been shown to boost testosterone in many studies.

And is also a key ingredient in other testosterone boosters on the market.

A fenugreek seed extract has also shown extremely positive results in increasing libido and overall sexual function.

However, most of these studies have used a dosage of 500 to 600 mg. While Ageless Male only offers you 300 mg of fenugreek seed extract.

What Is the Mechanism of Ageless Male?

Ageless Male claims to work by raising the free testosterone in your body. The fenugreek seed extract is an herb that does exactly that.

If the ingredients were in adequate amounts, it would help you keep a strong metabolism, give you high energy, and cure erectile dysfunction issues.

However, as the amounts are pretty much less, it might take quite some time to show its results.

Dosage Recommendation

Ageless Male is a 60-tablet bottle for a month’s supply. It’s recommended that you take two tablets daily.

One in the morning and one in the evening (to start seeing some results). Be aware that you are not required to eat anything before consuming the tablet.

An Alternative Pick

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects of Ageless Male?

Ageless Male does not have any side effects because the ingredients here that do have side effects are in too low amounts.

How do you know if your testosterone levels are low?

Symptoms of low testosterone include low libido, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, and low energy.

What are organic some food that increase testosterone?

Eggs, Avocados, Fatty Fish, Pomegranates, and Ginger can significantly aid you in increasing your testosterone levels.

Bottom Line

So, after going through our Ageless Male review, we believe it will be easy for you to make a pick. We think Ageless Male is a severely underdosed supplement for boosting your testosterone levels.

And we can’t put our bets here, as it’s really not the champ on the market!

The ingredients and the available dosages will most likely not be enough to increase your testosterone levels. While it has some beneficial ingredients, the quantity is what compromises the quality.


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