Top Safe Ways To Increase Your Libido In Women

When women hit the age of 45-55, they usually go through menopause due to the lack of hormonal production. This can further lead to a low sex drive. The low drive can even be a …

Top Safe Ways To Increase Your Libido In Women

When women hit the age of 45-55, they usually go through menopause due to the lack of hormonal production. This can further lead to a low sex drive. The low drive can even be a problem for younger women due to lack of sleep, excessive stress, health condition, relationship problems, medications, etc. 

Is there any way to improve the libido in women? What are the top safe ways to increase your libido in women? The good news is there are many ways that you can try to improve your libido. 

You can prefer natural remedies such as healthy foods, aphrodisiac foods, exercise, counseling, and more. Many might even opt to take supplements to boost their libido. This article will discuss some serviceable possibilities to increase libido in women. Continue reading to know more. 

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Why Do Many Women Suffer From Low Libido?

The first thing that comes to mind is age, doesn’t it? Even searching the internet will point out that aging can lower sexual functions. It is true, but many other reasons can partake in lowering libido in women. Let’s figure out some other factors that can affect sex drive.

Relationship Issues

Having relationship problems can directly affect your sexual functions. It’s plain and simple; you won’t enjoy having sex with someone you distrust or having a fight with. It’s great to have trust and comfort when you are a couple. Overcoming all the problems between the partners can lead to more intimacy. 

Sleep Deprivation

According to studies, it has been proven that lack of sleep can negatively affect the sex drive in women. Sleep Apnea (OSA) and insomnia are known to affect the libido directly. If you don’t get sufficient sleep, your body might not be in tune with your mind, and your sex drive can be hampered critically. 

Low T Levels

Testosterone is not only for men; even women produce them naturally. If it falls below the minimum ratio, you might face HSDD (Hypoactive sexual desire disorder). In this case, you might not feel comfortable having sex or not have the desire to indulge in any sexual activities. 


Believe it or not, stress and sex drive are linked to one another. If you suffer from mental health issues and are overwhelmed with stress, you will not enjoy sex as you should. Stress increases the cortisol level in the woman’s body, which can eventually counter sexual desires. 

Health Conditions

High blood pressure and diabetes can lower a person’s sex drive. Obesity and high cholesterol levels can also have a negative impact. Having a fit, healthy physical state is the key to good sex. 

Medications And Drug Abuse

If you take antidepressants, we must tell you that these drugs can take a toll on your body and eventually lower your sex drive. Even Though you might feel lively or see some benefits regarding your depression, the medications at any given dose can hit your libido even before you realize it. 

Excessive alcohol consumption can tamper the nerves in your brain and eventually lower your mood. According to studies, women are shown to have low sex drive when they consume in moderate quantities. 

Top Safe Ways To Increase Your Libido In Women

Now that you know what affects your libido, you better avoid all those to improve your health and sex life. Let’s discuss some methods that can be beneficial for women to enhance their libido.

Limit The Smoking And Alcohol

Try to avoid the hard drinks out there. You can have a glass of wine to spice your mood, but overconsumption of any alcoholic drink will toil your sexual health. According to dietary guidelines, women should refrain from more than one drink. 

Exercise Regularly

You don’t need to be a bodybuilder here. We recommend that you exercise daily and make sure you do it consistently. Never overdo the exercise routine, as it may promote fatigue. Just 20 minutes of exercise daily can help retain the enzymes and even ameliorate vaginal blood flow. 

Try Improving Your Relationship With Your Partner

There is nothing better than having a healthy relationship where you trust your partner no matter what. Try to minimize conflict by being open to one another. Try to incorporate new ways in your sexual activity and focus on communication with one another. Actions you’ve tried before can be the eye opener and bond you better with your partner. 

Ensure To Stay Away From Stress And Maintain Proper Sleep

If you know what stresses you out, we would recommend you avoid those at all costs. You can take your mind off stressful activities by interacting with new people, taking breaks from work, maintaining normal timetables, indulging in self-relaxation, and looking for social support when necessary can take you to new heights. 

We would ask you to maintain a proper sleeping cycle. Don’t disrupt it by forcefully keeping yourself awake or by entertaining yourself with nighttime TV unnecessarily. A 7-hour peaceful sleep every day is what an adult woman should be looking for.  

Libido Enhancing Food

Your dietary intake can play a crucial role in maintaining your libido. Unhealthy foods can downgrade your sex drive, just like having too much alcohol or smoking. We recommend you try out oysters, coffee, honey, figs, and strawberries, just to name a few.  

Talk To Professionals

When everything fails, you can seek help from a medical professional such as a sex therapist. They can evaluate your problems better than you do and give wise solutions depending on your situation. 

Going to an Obstetricians-gynecologist is also preferred in case you suffer from severe hormonal problems. An HRT treatment might be on the cards. 


What Professional Help Can You Seek If You Have a Low Sex Drive?

Healthcare professionals can offer a wide variety of treatments. They might prescribe medications such as Vyleesi or Addyi. Some professionals might just provide counseling and offer sex education to guide you. 

How Do I Know If I Have Low Libido?

The lack of pleasure when your genitals are stimulated can be the cue. You might find yourself uninterested in physical engagement and have no sexual fantasies. If you are going through these issues, talk to a healthcare professional ASAP. 

Should I Take Libido Pills?

If the natural ways fail to deliver, we recommend you consult a doctor on whether to take supplements or not. Don’t go for any over-the-counter medicines. Libido pills like Addyi (Flibanserin) seem to work well on women. It also has many side effects, like dizziness, menstrual spotting, abdominal pain, etc.


If you think you have a low sex drive, try to change your lifestyle and food habits first of all—this article on top safe ways to increase your libido in women already covered all the possibilities.

Start exercising regularly. You can try Kegels, frog pose, cow stretch, yoga, swimming, and more. Always have a healthy diet consisting of aphrodisiacs and avoid all junk food, smoking, and drinking. 

You can always seek professional counseling. If you ever plan to take medicines for libido boosting, never do it without supervision. 

Don’t just blame your age for your low drive. If you are persistent and have the will to ameliorate the issue, then there are cures you will enjoy. 


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