Should Teens Take Testosterone Boosters? 2023 (Updated)

It’s quite a well-known fact that young adults and teens love taking testosterone boosters. But should teens take testosterone boosters in the first place? Well, the answer is a big no! Testosterone naturally increases as …

Should Teens Take Testosterone Boosters?

It’s quite a well-known fact that young adults and teens love taking testosterone boosters. But should teens take testosterone boosters in the first place?

Well, the answer is a big no! Testosterone naturally increases as teens grow through puberty. However, taking additional testosterone boosters can halt bone growth, initiate severe acne breakouts, and even promote drastic sexual desires.

So, are you interested in knowing more about why these boosters aren’t the golden pick for teens? Binge on until the very end to learn more about why these are highly discouraged against teens and the side effects it could leave in them for their future.

The Side Effects of Taking Testosterone Supplements in Teens

In this section, we’ll talk about why testosterone boosters are bad for teens. We will also let you know the in-detailed possible side effects teens can encounter when taking testosterone boosters.

Stunted Growth

Natural testosterone plays an important role in the growth of teenagers. Therefore, it is logical for these young adults to think that taking these boosters will ensure faster and better growth for them.

Well, unfortunately, no, it doesn’t! Instead, boosters only prevent proper and quality bone development, especially when these teens are in their puberty stage. So, at this stage, while the excessive consumption of the testosterone booster speeds up their puberty process, the bones remain compromised. Meanwhile, bone development slows down and doesn’t get the time it needs to form properly as per their age.

Acne Outbreaks

Testosterone booster intake can drastically increase the production of an oily substance known as sebum. And acne is often triggered due to the presence of this excessive substance in excessive amounts.

Therefore, teens who take these booster supplements always have a higher chance of having permanently damaged or scarred skin from acne due to the severe and uncontrollable spread of acne all over an area.

Increased Sexual Desire

Teenagers naturally have intensified sexual desire and arousal as their body promotes and makes more sex hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

Hence, taking additional testosterone supplements can lead to an increase in sex drive and libido in them. That’s not all; supplements that inhibit estrogen may increase sexual desire while decreasing sexual performance drastically.

This inability runs the possibility of remaining a constant and permanent issue throughout their whole life, which can hamper their sexual life in the future.

Enlarged Male Breast Tissue

One of the major potential problems of excessive testosterone is that it can actually turn into estrogen in the body naturally. And this can cause men to develop feminine features like breast tissues.

While the main benefit teens expect from boosters is increased physical balance and performance, boosters tend to do quite the opposite for the most part. These boosters can potentially increase mammary glands and possibly trigger lactation in males, among other drastic changes.

Without question, this can be a nightmare for any teenage boy! This is why it’s always recommended for parents to ensure their teenage kids are always at a distance from these supplements. They should also be well aware of the side effects so they know why they are restricted from consuming these supplements.

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From what age can one take testosterone boosters?

It’s strongly recommended that teens shouldn’t take testosterone boosters at least before the age of 16. Consuming supplements before this age can have serious and permanent consequences that could leave them incompetent from future sexual performances as adults and throughout their lives. 

How can a teen naturally increase testosterone?

Teens can naturally increase their testosterone levels by maintaining a proper healthy diet. Moreover, getting sufficient sleep and regular exercise can also enhance their testosterone levels.

Which foods can aid in increasing testosterone levels naturally?

Ginger, oysters, leafy green vegetables, fatty fish and oil, onions, and even pomegranates can drastically increase testosterone levels. Teenagers can take some natural supplements to boost their testosterone levels without risking any side effects.

Final Thoughts

So, should teens take testosterone boosters? Well, you now know it’s a big no-no! Not only does it affect their overall health, but it can also even hamper their physical growth. However, teens can improve their testosterone levels naturally by improving their diet and regular exercise. So, no matter what, teens should never go for supplements until they reach a certain age and understand their impacts on them


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