Relief Factor Reviews 2023-Is it Best for Joint and Neck Pain?

Sometimes medications simply won’t cut it when it comes to relieving pain. Older people complain about joint pain, and many are left dissatisfied with physical treatments. To shine some light, the Relief Factor has come …

Relief Factor Reviews

Sometimes medications simply won’t cut it when it comes to relieving pain. Older people complain about joint pain, and many are left dissatisfied with physical treatments. To shine some light, the Relief Factor has come to aid numerous people with its all-natural solution.

Yes, we are talking about a supplement that differs from most orthodox pain relievers out there. This Relief Factor review is dedicated to those who are looking to ease their pain for good. It is an oral supplement made of botanical extracts and fish oil; therefore, it is considered pretty safe. 

Apart from user reviews, we have had the opportunity to test this product and therefore decided to discuss it. To summarize it for you, we can say that it is a decent option to treat back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, etc. Keep reading to know more. 

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Supplements Vs. Medications – Why We Prefer Dietary Supplements

Let’s be straightforward; supplements are in no way near to medicines when it comes to competency. Both have their functioning method; one is more aggressive than the other. In this case, medicines are generally more potent and vigorous in treating diseases. 

Supplements, on the other hand, are mild in comparison to drugs. They hardly contain chemicals, and the possibility of side effects is lower in most cases. Medicines are regulated under FDA supervision, and their ingredients don’t have any hidden cues behind them. 

On the other hand, the majority of supplements are unauthorized and might contain proprietary blends. Can you still trust supplements? Yes, not every manufacturer is the same, and many companies have been known to use high-quality ingredients that have shown positive signs in clinical trials. 

Research has shown that natural supplements can be advantageous in treating various physical issues and can be beneficial when paired up with medicines under expert supervision. 

Relief Factor is one such supplement with the highest quality ingredients proven to relieve pain. It’s all-natural and has minimal to no side effects, so why not? 

Relief Factor Reviews – It’s Time To Say No To Pain

What is Relief Factor? Well, it is a no-medicated product that is aimed to treat joint and muscle-related discomfort in humans. As people grow old, their bones start to get weaker, and there is nothing we can do to defy nature. All we can do is get used to it and find ways to cure the discomfort.

Not everyone can take high doses of drugs in their body and might start to show severe side effects. This is where the Relief Factor comes in. It is a natural product aimed at all ages. The health and wellness brand has been in the market for years and has handpicked all the potent sources that can treat pain and discomfort. 

All their discoveries have given birth to the Relief Factor pain-relieving supplement. Those who are willing to get hold of a product to lower inflammation in their body can try the Relief Factor. 

It contains fatty acids like omega-3 and other herb extracts that have shown advantageous results in clinical trials in tackling pain. In the next section, we will try to break down each ingredient for you to help you understand its benefits. 

What’s In The Relief Factor? Essential Ingredients and Their Properties

The ingredients that went on to make this product are top-notch. This is one reason we leaned towards the Relief Factor, knowing the efficacy of each mix. As we have already said, it is all-natural; let’s see what they are and what they can do to your body.

Omega 3 

You have probably heard about Omega 3 or seen it in pain relieving or heart health-related products. It is a form of polyunsaturated fatty acids that are key to good health. Omega 3 can help make hormones that can modulate contractions and relaxations of the artery. 

Not only that, they are known to regulate blood clotting and reduce inflammation. Even EFSA and FDA have considered daily intake of supplements containing Omega-3 to be safe for up to 5000 milligrams. Overdosing the limit can have negative impacts, such as loose stool or heartburn.  

Omega 3 can help lower blood pressure, improve heart health, prevent rheumatoid arthritis, and reduce inflammation. We are not exaggerating; Omega 3 has shown positive impacts in medical trials, and Relief Factor took it seriously. 

Japanese Fleeceflower Root (Resveratrol)

Blood flow in the heart and body is very crucial, and we all need sufficient flow to stay healthy. Resveratrol is something that can improve the flow, which can eventually help lower inflammation. 

Resveratrol is an antioxidant that comes with anti-inflammatory properties. It is known to shield the human body from certain stages of diabetes and cancer. Japanese fleece flower root can be extremely beneficial in countering skin inflammation and arthritis pain.

As for its dose, experts believe that it is safe to consume 2000-3000 milligrams of resveratrol daily. Going overboard can turn out to be upsetting for the stomach. With Relief Factor, you will get 70mg of resveratrol per serving, which is well within the safe limit. 


Also known as ‘horny goat weed,’ it is vital in producing nitric oxide in the body. With sufficient nitric oxide, your body will have better blood flow to various organs and tissues. You have probably heard about it as an ingredient used in treating sexual dysfunctions. 

Many athletes take supplements that contain Epimedium. It is known to provide strength and endurance. It can boost performance, combat fatigue, compensate for the loss of bone density, improve blood circulation, relaxes stiff or clogged arteries, lower allergy symptoms, and much more. 

A medical study proved that Epimedium (Icariin) somewhat lowered back pain in certain mammals. That being said, it is not restricted to mammals, but in fact, horny goat weed has been a key source in most health-related supplements. We have seen pro athletes and trainers praise the efficacy of Icariin, so you can certainly drop all the worries.  


The use of turmeric has been around for ages. Turmeric is considered a key ingredient that has been included in traditional ayurvedic medicines. In South Asian culture, turmeric relieves skin issues, digestive problems, and much more. 

Nowadays, turmeric is used widely in many dietary supplements because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It can be beneficial in detoxifying the liver, healing wounds, controlling blood sugar levels, improving immunity, and preventing certain types of cancer. 

Why is it considered a pain-relieving ingredient? Because studies have determined that curcumin, when consumed orally, has been positive in alleviating arthritis symptoms.  

What Can You Expect From The Relief Factor?

If you expect a result instantly, this is not for you. You must give this supplement some time to work and properly follow the dose. For instant results, you better stick to prescribed drugs. 

Those who are suffering from neck, shoulder, back, and joint pain can entertain themselves with positive results from the Relief Factor. At first, we were expecting little from a natural supplement, we were skeptical, but eventually, in a month, we got decent results.  

Relief Factor contains omega 3, which is good for lowering the symptoms of heart disease, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis. Then there is horny goat weed that can improve blood flow to the tissues and organs. It is also known to treat liver disease, lower blood pressure, counter fatigue, and solidify weak bones.

Resveratrol works to keep the circulatory system functioning properly. It can lower cholesterol and shield the arteries from clotting. Not to mention it has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve arthritis discomfort. 

With minimal to no side effects, the Relief Factor seems like a worthy choice. 

Does It Work? What Do Others Have To Say About It?

It works, but we are not the same people are we? We will be brutally honest here as we are not here to promote only the positive sides of Relief Factor, but rather discuss what it is completely. We have found benefits, but many have complained about the product needing to be fixed on their body. 

To be clear, it can happen with supplements and even medicines. Every human is different, and how each ingredient works on one person might not be effective for others. 

Take, for example, one reviewer/user who called it ineffective and expensive. Different from another person said that it got rid of the back pain but was not satisfied with the delivery of the next shipment. Another person highlighted that the Relief Factor started working in just one week and effectively lowered arthritis pain. 

What Is The Recommended Dose?

The manufacturer advises using 3 packets daily as part of the quick start package. Surprisingly, each packet contains 4 capsules. 2 dry ones and 2 gel types. This means you will be swallowing 12 capsules in one day. 

Now, after 3 weeks, if you start seeing positive changes, then you can cut down the dose to 2 packs each day, which sums up 8 units. Remember to have tablets with food to avoid possible stomach problems.

That being said, supplements and medicines should always be used under the guidance of professional healthcare personnel. Talk to one before starting the dose.   

How Long Before You See Results?

It can take 2-3 weeks as per the dose. Very rarely will you see changes in 3-4 days? Keep in mind that the supplement ingredients are not medically based. Thus, it takes time to work on the human body. The time will also vary from person to person.  


  • Reduces joint pain and inflammation
  • Relaxes the body and relieves stiffness
  • Lowers cholesterol improves heart health
  • Contains botanical ingredients and fish oil
  • Ingredients showed good results in clinical trials
  • Ideal for all ages except kids


  • The initial dose can be excessive. You have 12 capsules per day.
  • Can cause diarrhea 

Some Side Effects Of the Relief Factor

We cannot lie to you by saying that the product has zero side effects. In comparison to drugs and other supplements, the effects are minimal but it’s there.

It might not be applicable for everyone, but if consumed for an extensive period or overdoing the tablets can cause:

  • Stomach pain, loose stool
  • Nausea
  • Rashes due to allergic reactions
  • Nosebleed

How To Purchase Relief Factor?

To acquire Relief Factor, you must visit their website and request a purchase. There are several options to choose from, such as a monthly supply or quick start program. 

For quick starters, the first dose will cost 19.95 dollars, and then you will have to pay 79.95 dollars monthly for the auto shipment of Relief Factor. 

A standard 1-month purchase without a subscription will cost 93.95 dollars.

Sometimes the instructions can look vague, so we urge you to read carefully and understand every word the manufacturer mentions. 

Note that there is no money-back return policy, but if the product is unused, you can have it returned within 90 days. With the Relief Factor, you cannot just start the trial and say no to the authorities; they won’t give you any return, which is a drawback. 

An Alternative To Relief Factor

As you already know, Relief Factor comes at a higher price when it comes to pain reliever supplements. There are many options out there that are cheaper and work well. One such product is the Physio Flex Pro You can purchase a 1 monthly dose for just half the price of Relief Factor. 

Does it work? Yes, it does. This supplement contains BioCell Collagen, which is known to aid joint health by taking care of the joint structure and cartilage. It has magnesium that improves energy production and will support nerve and muscle functions in the human body. 

Then there is Ashwagandha which can reduce the effect of swelling and treat osteoarthritis. There are other antioxidants and herbs to complement the formula. If you need a viable product, the Physio Flex Pro is a good pick. 


Is Relief Factor Safe?

Yes! The product has botanical and fish oil extracts that are known to be beneficial for joint and heart health. Unlike other products, Relief Factor uses few but high-quality ingredients that are known to show good results in clinical trials. 

There are chances of side effects depending on the person consuming it. Always seek medical advice before starting any supplement. 

Will Relief Factor Reduce Swelling?

Yes, this product has anti-inflammatory ingredients that can tackle pain and swelling-related problems. 

What Are Some Ideal Form Of Painkillers For Joint Pain?

If you need painkillers, then Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, and some form of opioids can help. Remember that you must not consume any drugs without a doctor’s supervision. 

How To Cancel Relief Factor Account/Subscription?

You have to contact customer care directly. You can either do it via web chat or live call. You will be asked to convey the personal information you previously provided for cross-checking reference. Ask the customer care representative to close the account for you. Take confirmation that they won’t charge you again in the future. That’s all. 

Final Thoughts

There is no hiding the fact that our bones start to weaken as we age. This can lead to many forms of discomfort. It can ruin the way you move and flex your body. In most cases, people complain about joint pain, such as osteoarthritis. 

You can blame the age, but it can happen to anyone regardless of age. Athletes even suffer from bone and muscle tension, so you should not be overly worried. We have already provided a full-on Relief Factor review to give you a chance to look at one of the vigorous pain relieving supplements. 

It contains herbal extracts and fatty acids that will naturally relieve pain and discomfort. Is it the best supplement? No, but it is serviceable. Before starting any dose, consult a physician and let them guide you in the best possible way.  


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