Neuriva Reviews 2023-Worth the Money or a Complete Scam?

Today, we can see various supplementary pills that claim to help our cognitive functions. However, many of those turn out to be scams actually. On the other hand, Neuriva has got some hype, but does …

Neuriva Reviews

Today, we can see various supplementary pills that claim to help our cognitive functions. However, many of those turn out to be scams actually.

On the other hand, Neuriva has got some hype, but does this actually work?

Well, Neuriva is a supplementary capsule that works on human cognitive functions. The main purpose of this supplement is to enhance the performance of the human brain and its functions. As a result, one can have better attention and concentration. Moreover, this also enhances the focus and accuracy of a person’s work.

This looks like a perfect brief as it actually is. So, with this Neuriva review, we’ll tell you the ultimate truth!

Neuriva Reviews Real or Scam?

Neuriva capsule is a supplementary capsule produced by a company named Schiff Vitamins. The main purpose of this supplementary capsule is to enhance cognitive functions.

This supplement is composed of 2 main fully natural ingredients blended together.

As a result, you have all its actions natural. Neuriva supplementary capsule can help you with better attention and concentration.

The supplement promotes your brain performance to a significant level. This results in better focus, memory, and learning. In addition to that, this Neuriva supplement can give you more accuracy in doing things.

However, these basic cognitive functions are only one field for this to work on.

This supplement can actually relieve your neuropathy symptoms too. That means your nerves and their functions would be improved, resulting in enhanced health.

So, that would be a big add-on you can expect. Besides all these, you can actually expect some other benefits too.

Increased metabolism could be one of those benefits that you may experience. So, overall, Neuriva supplementary capsule can be a great pill to enhance your cognitive performance!

Ingredients Used in Neuriva and Their Benefits

Generally, these types of supplements have various types of ingredients blended together. However, Neuriva has only 2 main ingredients that are combined together.

So, here are the ingredients, and we have covered their benefits here in detail. Take a look at it to understand how it actually works!

Plant Sourced Phosphatidylserine

A phospholipid called phosphatidylserine is found in cell membranes and brain tissue. These cells are covered, protected, and communicate with one another through this fatty acid.

It’s crucial to keep your memory sharp and your brain healthy. So, phosphatidylserine derived from soy is the element that can promote this.

This plant-sourced phosphatidylserine significantly enhanced mental flexibility, awareness, and short-term memory in humans.

As per our studies, we have found enhanced memory and brain function with this. Phosphatidylserine levels decline with age.

Due to this, there is a contribution to aging-related problems with the brain and memory.

So, consuming more of this phospholipid will increase your agility in these areas.

Note that this element is not used for cognitive functions only. Rather this can also treat your sore throat or even any kind of arthritis.

Coffee Cherry

We all are very familiar with coffee and coffee beans. But only some of us are concerned about coffee, cherry, or fruits.

Well, that is basically the thing that covers the coffee bean outside. Now, according to studies, this coffee cherry has loads of health benefits, surprisingly.

First, this coffee cherry can boost brain performance to a great level. This is because it has polyphenols which increase the BDNF level.

Due to this, there is an increase in neuropathic protein, which promotes the growth of brain cells. This increases the growth of these cells and helps them mature really fast.

As a result, your cognitive functions increase rapidly. This results in more focus, attention, concentration, accuracy, and many more.

So, this is absolutely a great ingredient to enhance the cognitive performance of human beings. However, you could actually expect more than that from this ingredient.

Coffee cherries can actually balance the production of melanin in your skin. As a result, this may result in glower skin with time.

Moreover, this also helps you with better digestion and balanced metabolism. So, all in all, this is a boost ingredient for you to count on!

These are the 2 main ingredients used in the Neuriva supplement that make this very powerful!

Probable Side Effects of Neuriva Supplement

Neuriva supplement has no significant side effects, fortunately. However, that does not leave it purely without any impact.

That means Neuriva has actually got a few cons that are common and really mild.

No, you don’t have to be too much worried now. This is because the effects are one-time and not permanent at all.

So, starting with the side effects, the first one is nausea. That means someone taking Neuriva supplements may have nausea at the initial stage.

This is actually a common issue of most supplements. Other than that, you may also feel less sleepy, which mainly occurs in people with certain conditions.

Basically, sleep disorders take place due to insomnia. Now, besides these mild effects, we also have noticed some people with other common effects.

We are basically talking about abdominal bloating and gastric issues. These are some common side effects at the initial stage of taking a supplementary pill too.

So, you don’t really have to be worried about these. Note that these side effects are not for everyone.

That means people with only certain conditions may have to go through these. So, these are the probable side effects of taking Neuriva supplements.

Make sure you avoid any kind of unauthentic sources that state wrong info regarding this. This is because you may need clarification on looking at the wrong claims of side effects or cons of it by irrelevant sources.

Dosage of Neuriva Supplement

These supplementary pills are very crucial with dosage. If you mess up with its dosage, you are just messing up with yourself.

So, here is the dosage of the Neuriva supplement.

The dosage of Neuriva capsule is really easy. You have to consume or take only one capsule each day. The time for it would be during bedtime.

That means you have to take this Neuriva capsule after your dinner. We recommend you take it after dinner as taking it before may be better.

Moreover, to be on the safe side, we recommend you take this capsule after dinner. Remember that you cannot take more than 1 capsule a day as that may put on some adverse effects.

As the Neuriva bottle has 75 capsules, you may need 2 of those bottles. That would complete a cycle of 2 periods which would be around 5 months.

So, that is how you need to follow the dosage of the Neuriva supplement. Now, if you are wondering about the safety measures of it, move on to the next segment now.

Safety of Neuriva Supplement

You must be looking for safety measures for the Neuriva supplement now. It is generally never recommendable for every stage of people taking supplementary pills.

Just like that, the Neuriva supplement has some safety measures and limitations too.

So, in general, any male or female can take it. However, a person around 18, if not more, better avoid this type of supplement.

Note that any baby or child cannot take this in any way. Any person over 18 is fine to take this supplement.

Now, coming over the age, pregnant women need to be careful about it too. Basically, a pregnant woman must avoid Neuriva supplements along with any other irrelevant ones.

This is because women at that stage are very sensitive and prone to various conditions. So, pregnant women better avoid this.

Lastly, people who are over 75 better avoid this. They are also at risk of catching various diseases easily and can even have mental issues with the supplement’s reaction.

A Few Wrong Assumptions on Neuriva Supplement

Although there are a few side effects of the Neuriva supplement, we have come across some false condemnation of it.

Now, the first assumption that we saw from a few consumers felt pretty irrelevant.

A few consumers stated that this supplement could lead to neurological disorders. Well, this is absolutely the other way around of what it actually does.

So, for your information, Neuriva does not lead to neurological disorders in any way.

Other than that, some people said it can cause insomnia. Well, although it can make you feel less sleepy at its initial stage, this won’t last long.

You have to understand that it would just be a one-time and temporary thing.

Some people also say it can lead to gastric issues, but that is not true. Neuriva capsules may cause stomach irritation when you take them for the first time.

However, it won’t lead to gastric issues or anything like that. Last but not least, some consumers think it is a scam.

However, you have to make sure you give it the time it needs to show its impact.

You at least have to for a couple of months to see your desired results. Other than that, it may actually seem like a scam to you if you don’t have the patience to wait for its effectiveness.

Consumers’ Feedback on Neuriva Supplement

From a number of forums and feedback platforms, we have collected the reviews and feedback of the consumers on it. And that actually shows us pretty positive reviews.

Consumers are happy that Neuriva is actually effective, as they claim so. A lot of consumers stated that they feel more confident after taking it.

This is because they have clarity and can recall things more easily after taking this. Moreover, they are more focused and attentive to this too.

Some consumers say that Neuriva helped them with overthinking issues too. Like, these could stop overthinking and work accordingly with their attention.

With all these cognitive benefits, some consumers are happy to see additional benefits.

Yes, that’s right! Some consumers claim that they have better blood pressure after consuming this.

Although this is not its primary objective, it still has relevant ingredients. Moreover, consumers were happy to have better digestion after taking this.

So, consumers of Neuriva supplements seemed to be really happy and content.

Last but not least, consumers were happy to see no adverse reactions or effects while taking this. That means they could see no negative impacts of this supplement on them.

Although there were a few one-time issues like nausea, they were not permanent or long-lasting. Moreover, this may happen at the initial stage of the cycle.

Also, only some would go through this as this may affect people with some conditions.

Thus, you can look forward to it with all these positive reviews and feedback!

An Alternative to Neuriva Supplement

Although Neuriva is a great supplement with its utilities, other cards are in your hand! Yes, you have an alternative to that which can actually outstand Neuriva.

We are talking about Noocube which exponentially enhances your cognitive functions. This can help you be more attentive and concentrated.

Moreover, this promotes focus and recalling the power of a person. That’s not all; this can help you ease your depression to a good extent.

With that said, this can enhance these conditions in very less time. However, this has more than just cognitive benefits.

This supplement can help you feel more energetic. It’s because it breaks down the stored fat in your body and converts it into usable energy.

Although it is not a primary function of this supplement, it still works.

In addition to this, Noocube lessens the chances of being diagnosed with stroke to a good level. So, don’t forget to give it a shot by comparing these two with all the utilities they have!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Neuriva supplements leave any long-term effect on our bodies?

No, the Neuriva supplement would not have any long-term negative or adverse effects on your body. This is because it does not have any type of ingredients that leave negative impacts. This rather helps you put permanent positive effects on you.

How long do I wait to see the results of Neuriva supplements?

Well, you may need to wait as long as about 4 or 5 months to see its effect. That means you have to be a bit patient with this. This is because it works with your crucial cognitive functions. So, it takes a bit of time to show your desired results.

Are pills or shakes better in terms of this type of supplement?

Both pills and shakes have their own pros and cons, actually. However, the dosage of pills is generally considered easy. This is because pills can be taken without any preparations or so, whereas shakes need to be prepared.

Can Neuriva supplement increase the possibility of stroke?

No, there is no evidence where it states Neuriva supplement can increase the possibility of stroke. Although Neuriva works on cognitive functions, it has no adverse effects on them. So, you have no field to be worried about it.

Can I stop taking Neuriva whenever I want to do so?

Yes, you can stop taking Neuriva whenever you want, but you need to understand a few things. Not completing the cycle of it would prevent you from reaching the desired results. However, this would not affect your health negatively.

The Final Words

Now you know about the Neuriva reviews! I hope you have no confusion regarding its actual purpose.

But don’t forget one thing about it − this supplement may not be effective to everyone.

Moreover, some people may also be allergic to these. So, you may need to consult your doctor to be on the safe side.


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Dr. Matt Boold is a licensed clinical psychologist who conducts structured assessment and psychotherapy with medical patients and mental health consumers in Reno, Nevada. He also conducts original research on posttraumatic stress and emotional regulation in clinical disorders, and he teaches university courses on related topics.

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