How Do Testosterone Boosters Work (Benefits & Side Effects)

A lot of things have been said and written about testosterone boosters. But have you wondered how do testosterone boosters work? Well, these boosters actually work by ensuring the testicles produce more and more natural …

How Do Testosterone Boosters Work

A lot of things have been said and written about testosterone boosters. But have you wondered how do testosterone boosters work?

Well, these boosters actually work by ensuring the testicles produce more and more natural testosterone in the blood. Moreover, these boosters even ensure that the DNA produces more protein, eventually generating more testosterone. Nevertheless, testosterone  boosters have certain benefits and drawbacks too.

So, want to know more about testosterone boosters and how they affect your life? If yes, then read till the very end of this article.

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The Working Process of Testosterone Booster: An In-Detailed Guide!

Testosterone boosters provide the molecules needed from your testicles to produce and secrete more natural testosterone in your blood. Although the hormone itself has been created in the lab, there are certain drawbacks to getting the direct hormone.

This is one of the main reasons doctors like to prescribe testosterone booster pills to ensure men can produce their own testosterone without needing to receive an external one.

So, testosterone boosters are mainly molecules that enter the nucleus of the Leydig Cells inside of your testicles. This is where the natural testosterone is produced in the first place.

Note: It’s also true that some testosterone is also created in your epinephrine glands, but boosters cannot act there.

When they enter the nucleus, the testosterone boosters “instructs” the DNA to start producing more proteins that will be the initial molecules for testosterone creation.

After testosterone creation has succeeded in the Leydig cells, it is secreted to the bloodstream to reach all the organs, especially the muscles, where you can see a very impressive development in a few weeks.

Benefits of Testosterone Boosters

Below are some of the astounding benefits associated with the proper intake of testosterone boosters.

Muscle Development

When intaking these boosters (with the right dosage), you will have enough testosterone in your blood to increase your muscle mass. It’s an outstanding remedy that can aid in building a great body with gym cardio and heavy weight lifts.

Increases Your Libido

Men face libido issues at some point in their lives and it mainly occurs due to decreased internal secretion and production of testosterone. That’s why taking testosterone booster supplements will help produce more testosterone and be sexually ready for another round with their partner!

Maintains Bone Density to the Right Levels

Men in their golden age (over 60 years old) tend to face bone density issues. This happens for many reasons; one of the main ones is the reduction of endogenous testosterone hormone levels.

However, the intake of testosterone boosters can increase bone density and protect them from fractures that could affect their daily life and mobility.

Side Effects of Testosterone Boosters

However, besides the great benefits of testosterone boosters, there are also some drawbacks you need to consider before taking them:

Hair Loss and Acne

The blood testosterone increase can give you hair loss and acne. These are the common side effects of the skin. Testosterone can severely damage and kill the hair roots in your scalp and increase local inflammation that leads to acne.

Prostate Enlargement

The prostate is one of the main male hormone glands. One major side effect of testosterone boosters is that they encourage the enlargement of the prostate gland. This could greatly impact your natural urination process and can even lead to a condition called Prostate Hyperplasia (associated with prostate cancer in many men).

Testicular Atrophy

Some men may also experience testicular atrophy when taking testosterone boosters. This is because there are times when excessive testosterone consumption may reduce testicle mass, which could badly affect your sexual life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do testosterone boosters help to enlarge your penis?

The length of your penis has nothing to do with testosterone. So, no matter how many testosterone booster pills you take, it won’t have that impact.

2. Who should not take testosterone?

Men prone to developing prostate cancer due to hereditary reasons should avoid taking testosterone booster supplements. Moreover, patients suffering from heart and blood circulation issues should avoid booster pills to keep their blood pressure at a healthy level.

3. How can I test the testosterone levels at home?

Some home kits work either with spitting on an absorbent piece of paper or even having your finger pricked and giving the test a blood sample. In all cases, you must mail the test to the lab, and you will get your report in less than a few days.

Bottom Line

So, after going through this blog, you should now have a clear idea of how do testosterone boosters work and how they can affect you. Well, the right and prescribed dosage can boost your libido and even aid with muscle development.

However, hair loss and even prostate enlargement can be some of the drawbacks of these boosters. So, always take experts’ advice before taking these boosters, especially if you’re at your golden age!


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