Hawthorn Berry Uses, Benefits, Side Effects and FAQs

Hawthorn Berry is now widely-known. It is a rose flowering plant. Experts say its leaves, berries, flowers, and other parts are ideal for making medicines for many severe illnesses. Hawthorn Berry can take on everything …

Hawthorn Berry Uses, Benefits, Side Effects

Hawthorn Berry is now widely-known. It is a rose flowering plant. Experts say its leaves, berries, flowers, and other parts are ideal for making medicines for many severe illnesses. Hawthorn Berry can take on everything from heart disease to digestive system issues. 

But the amazingness of this cure will remain a mystery to you if you don’t use it. Yet we can’t ask you to try something out of the blue. Therefore, don’t you think you should check out the Hawthorn berry uses, benefits and side effects and see what the fuss is all about? 

We agree it’s hard to find all the plant’s authentic and significant information in one place. No sweat! We’ve gathered the most important information you’ll need on today’s blog. Let’s dig deeper. 

Uses of Hawthorn Berry 

Hawthorn is a highly efficient herb that includes substances like antioxidants, OPCs, epicatechin, and procyanidin. They result in improved blood flow, protected blood vessels, better stamina, and increased energy. Additionally, its leaves and flowers have the potential to replace expensive drugs. 

Dosage of Using Hawthorn 

Hawthorn berries, leaves, and flowers are extremely beneficial and barely have any side effects. Still, doctors have recommended a healthy dosage for this herb. 250-500 mg of Hawthorn three times a day is enough and safe for all. Yet, if you want, you can consider consulting your doctor before you start taking the dosage. 

How and When to Use

You can eat the berries of Hawthorn. For leaves and flowers, the extract will work fine with water. Anyway, you should take Hawthorn on an empty stomach. Taking the extract with a full stomach can cause minor stomach upsets. 

Benefits of Hawthorn Berry

American doctors found this specific plant very salutary for several other severe diseases around the early 1800s. They started with treating circulatory disorders and respiratory illnesses.

If we look back at history, berries were used to treat an irregular heartbeat. Besides, it can deal with the following:

  • Natural testosterone booster 
  • Reduction of radicals
  • Chest pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart failure
  • Improved blood flow
  • Treats high cholesterol 
  • Fights chest pain
  • Better Skin Health 

In today’s world, doctors use the flowers and leaves of this plant medicinally, aside from the berries. So anyway, let’s see how the uses of Hawthorn Berry managed to be medically chart-topping. 

Natural Testosterone Booster 

Since Hawthorn increases blood flow to your muscles, it is perfect for men with testosterone deficiency. It will help them drive sufficient blood and oxygen to their muscles and enjoy more stamina. This herb eliminates the chances of erectile dysfunction as well. 

Reduction of Radicals

Reports say this life-saving plant contains antioxidants that can reduce free radicals. Unfortunately, free radicals can morally contaminate our whole body’s system. They result in tampering with DNA, damaged cell membranes, and even cell deaths. 

Free radicals keep growing in our bodies naturally as we age. Even atmospheric toxins like UV rays, radiation, air pollutants, and smoke can influence this life-threatening particle to increase in numbers.

And this can result in cancer and heart disease as well. That’s when the Hawthorn berries become the savior. They call a halt to the damage of free radicals with their antioxidants. Consequently, you get released from illnesses like heart failure, cancers, damaged cells, wrinkles, and only god knows what else! 

Fights Chest Pain 

Low blood flow to the heart can cause drastic chest pain sometimes. Studies have shown Hawthorn can cure this pain too. In one research, 60 people with chest pain caused by low blood flow were given 180mg of Hawthorn per day.

Those who maintained the intake not only reached improved blood flow but also felt increased strength. And they could exercise longer without experiencing minor chest pain.

Heart Failure

People experience heart failure whenever the heart can’t pump sufficient blood to other body organs. Many studies on Hawthorn for heart failure are still ongoing. But some have concluded that Hawthorn can bring massive positive responses in the circumstance. 

Studies have also shown that this herb makes a man strong and energetic enough to exercise regularly. Thus, one can eventually take a way back from heart failure. And the participants of the studies have reported that this plant can reduce breathing issues and fatigue. 

The game-changing solution hit our mind when a study showed 900mg of hawthorn intake a day could replace doses of captopril and improve heart failure in a brief period. 

High Blood Pressure

We must let you know that Hawthorn hasn’t directly been tested in people with high pressure yet. But many experts and doctors believe it can treat high blood pressure while working with heart diseases. 

Although there aren’t enough examples to conclude anything, a study has given this herb clearance. Half of the participants took 1200mg of Hawthorn daily and were treated half with a placebo.

And those who took Hawthorn came out with lower blood pressure earlier than those who took a placebo. But before you get this herb home, consult with your doctor. 

Improved Blood Flow

The OPCs in the antioxidants of Hawthorn can help dilate blood veins and improve blood flow. They also protect the blood vessels from any potential damage.

Treats High Cholesterol 

Its leaves and flowers contain more flavonoids than the berries do. They are used for uncountable medicinal purposes. By improving blood circulation, Hawthorn brings high cholesterol under control. 

Better Skin Health 

You can treat the boils and sores on your skin with this herb. Moreover, this extraordinary herb can eliminate wrinkles. It does so by preventing skin damage caused by collagen degradation. You’ll see extra glow and moisture on your face with the regular intake of this herb. 

Side Effects of Hawthorn Berry

Using herbs to treat your body is indeed a long-term approach. It can take years to show results, depending on your illness and how your body reacts to the herb. However, herbs contain many ingredients, and some may hit the other side of the table if not taken the right way!  

This is why you should never take hawthorn berries or any other herbs without the supervision of a doctor or an expert in botanical medicine. Although Hawthorn doesn’t cause too many side effects, the possibilities shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Minor headache and nausea
  • Occasional palpitations, when you feel your heart racing
  • It might not show results for 6-12 weeks
  • It’s not safe for pregnant women or those who breastfeed
  • Sometimes, it can make you feel minor pain in your chest and exhaustion
  • Dizziness and migraines might increase 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should not take Hawthorn berries?

People with orthostatic hypotension shouldn’t take Hawthorn. And if you’re already pursuing other medications, consult your physician to know whether you can use this herb or not. Besides, children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding women can’t take this herb either. 

2. What are the side effects of Hawthorn Berries?

Hawthorn barely causes any serious side effects. But sometimes, due to unknown reasons or interactions with other herbs in your body, it can cause dizziness, nausea, digestive issues, and so on. Also, it might not work well if there’s interference from other medications. 

Can you take Hawthorn long-term?

You surely can. If you’re free from Hawthorn’s restrictions, you can take it for as long as possible. It won’t cause you any issues. Rather you’ll enjoy healthy skin and more energy. 

Bottom Line

Many promising medications tend to leave our sides in the end, and we get stuck with those killing diseases. That’s why many people think mother nature is the best cure of all. Hawthorn berry is one of those life-affirming opportunities for all of us. We hope learning about the Hawthorn berry uses, benefits and side effects made you trust the process.

But never ever decide on its intake before discussing it with your physician. 


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