Exercise for Weight Loss In 7 Days Help You Cut Weight

There is no cheat code to cut out your belly fat. You have to work for it if you want to tone your body. Obesity has been the downfall of many people, and we can …

Exercise for Weight Loss

There is no cheat code to cut out your belly fat. You have to work for it if you want to tone your body. Obesity has been the downfall of many people, and we can blame inactivity and unhealthy lifestyle for it. 

You should follow this article if you are suffering from extra weight and want to tone it down. If you can attend a gym and work under a trainer, it will aid you best. If not, you can do home exercise for weight loss in 7 days

Only workouts won’t cut it. You have to be health conscious and turnover your lifestyle if you want to achieve success. Figure out the best exercises and how to utilize them in this write-up. 

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Common Exercises to Help You Cut Weight – The 7-Day Task

If you scour the internet, you might be overwhelmed to know about tons of exercises for weight cutting. Are they all worth it? Maybe yes, maybe no! You can dive into all workout regimes in one week. Most importantly, you should not try to cover every type of workout out there. 

As you are just beginning to shape your body and lose weight, you can follow some basic exercises at home. Here is a list:

Mountain Climbers

When it comes to calorie-burning workouts, mountain climbers certainly top the list. It is super effective, and you don’t need any equipment for it. This exercise is targeted to increase the heart rate and strengthen your shoulders, legs, arms, and core muscles. 

As your full body somewhat gets the exposure, you are destined to lose weight through this exercise. 

What To Do: Get into the high plank position and keep your palms in line with your shoulder. Try to keep your back as flat as possible. Now with your legs extended. Try making alternating hops by bringing the knee area in line with your chest. Continue doing the hopping in short bursts for 30-45 seconds. 

Jumping Jacks

This is the most common exercise out there that anyone can perform. It is one of the most potent ways to improve leg and hip strength, mobility, and coordination. As you jump and work your whole body, it will aid in burning calories. 

What To Do: Plant yourself in an upright position. Now bend the knee slightly and jump into the air with your legs spreading to your shoulder width. When you jump, make sure you stretch your arms over your head. Come back to the starting position and keep repeating the jump. 

Continue the routine for 45 seconds. 

Elbow Plank

Here is one workout that might look easy, but it is excruciatingly tough to continue for a longer time. If you are a beginner, we would recommend a shorter time frame.

Elbow planks are known to improve the balance and stability of the human body. It also tones the core muscles by putting pressure on them. Elbow planks will also make your posture and back alignment better. 

What To Do: Get to the ground, put your elbows on the floor and make sure your shoulder lines up with them. Your arm should lie flat on the surface. Step out on your toes and line up your body horizontally. Tighten your abs and stay in that position for 40-45 seconds with your palm planted to the ground. 

High Knees

Now, this is pretty similar to jumping jacks, but you won’t be jumping with your arms stretching over your head. High knees are efficient for bumping the heart rate and strengthening leg and core muscles. Doing high knees regularly can better your overall flexibility and improve body coordination.  

What To Do: Stand on the ground and line yourself properly. Start by taking one knee up towards your chest and hop by alternating your legs. Keep moving, pick up the pace and slow down if needed. Try swinging the arm as you keep hoping to gain some momentum. 

Note that you have to stay in one place and not move forward. A 45-second burst can work wonders. 

Flutter Kicks

It is a low-impact hip flexing exercise. This is an effective workout to cut down fat from your thighs, belly, and hip area. Flutter kicks will improve your core strength, build on your lower body strength and boost endurance.

What To Do: Lie down on your back and raise your feet to a 45-degree angle. Try keeping your arm in line with the ground with the palm facing the ground. Don’t touch the surface; keep your feet and hands elevated.  

Keep the feet touching each other, slowly lower one leg, and raise it again. Alternate with the other and continue the workout for 45 seconds. Note that you must slightly raise your head and not plant it on the floor. 

Bicycle Crunches

This is not the orthodox crunch, you know, rather, it involves more leg movement. Bicycle crunches can improve your flexibility, stability, and body coordination. Unlike regular crunches, you will move your body more, so it can tone down the excessive fats. 

What To Do: First, lie on the floor and lace your hand behind your head. Keep the head slightly elevated from the ground. Start by lifting one leg and bending the other towards your chest. When you are at it, twist your core so that the arm on the opposite side comes towards the knee being raised. 

Alternate between the legs and keep at it for 45 seconds. The basic is to do 10 reps in 3 sets, but we will stick to the 45-second timing as we try to incorporate all the other exercises into one routine. 

Continue the Exercise For 7 Days Straight And Beyond

If you perform all the above exercises one by one and keep consistency, you will soon extract some benefits. You can add knee tuck-ins to the workout if you have stamina. 

This is a 7-day routine we are talking about. So you have to repeat what you did for 6 more days. Don’t expect any outcome on day one, be patient, and you will see some positive changes. 

That said, you must top up the workout with a healthy lifestyle and food habits. Don’t go haywire drinking alcohol and junk food after following a workout session.


Which Exercise Is Best For Cutting Weight In 7 Days?

Numerous workouts can help you remove excess weight from your body. Mountain climbers, high knees, and elbow planks are a few notable ones. To keep fit, we suggest you regularly carry out interval training, jogging, cycling, and such. 

Can I Lose Weight In 7 Days?

You might not see overnight changes, but working out regularly and consistently for 7 days can help you lose a certain weight. Keep at it, don’t restrict yourself to a 1-week schedule. Continue every day for months and years to come, and you will be shredded. 

Is Overworking Harmful?

Yes, it is! Overdoing anything is harmful. Similarly, too much exercise can have negative impacts on the body. OTS (overtraining syndrome) can downgrade your strength and stamina rather than improve it. Work regularly, but set up a routine. Seek professional workout guidance from an expert if necessary. Don’t stress your body beyond its natural capacity. 

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Wrapping Up!

You can’t be shredded in just a week, that’s a fact, but you can start to tone up your body if you follow the exercise for weight loss in 7 days. We talked about six effective workouts that you can perform at home and don’t need to hit the gym for it. 

Jumping jacks, high knees, flutter kicks, and the other forms we mentioned are all acknowledged by fitness enthusiasts, and you can certainly benefit from them. Just be sure you keep consistency and do not overdo things. 

Don’t just rely on workouts. Follow a healthy lifestyle, drink sufficient water, avoid junk foods and eat in small portions to complement the hard work. Remember, nothing is impossible if you set yourself a goal and link up the workouts properly. Good luck!


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Jordan Kally is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and a registered yoga teacher. Jordan is a gym owner in New York, where he holds personal training/health coaching sessions. He teaches classes on topics which include exercise, weight loss, stress management, sleep, and healthy eating.

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