Best Weight Gain Pills 2023

Frustrated with weight gain and not sure where to turn? Ready to invest in your muscle growth success, but uncertain on what’s the best? Today we’re discussing the best weight gain pills, what they do, …

Best Weight Gain Pills 2023

Frustrated with weight gain and not sure where to turn?

Ready to invest in your muscle growth success, but uncertain on what’s the best?

Today we’re discussing the best weight gain pills, what they do, what to look for, and what to avoid.

By the end of this short article, you’ll be in position to put your money where your mouth is, eat more, and get bigger.

It’s that simple, so let’s get started.

What Are Weight Gain Pills For?

Gaining weight is hard – much harder than losing weight!

Skinny people who want to gain weight know the struggle of grinding out a few pounds of high quality weight gain every few months.

It’s even harder when you’re skinny because you’re not a big eater. The science sure is simple – just eat more.

But the reality can be a lot harder when you’re not hungry, and you’ve still got 1/3 of that meal left to go. For skinny people, weight gain is just as healthy as weight loss is for the obese. People might not be as sympathetic, but the benefits can be huge:

  • Better confidence and feeling more ‘normal’ (a sad reality for many skinny people!)
  • Improved strength and power in the gym or sports
  • Healthier aging and less risk of frailty, falls, and fractures
  • Better fitting clothes and improved overall aesthetics
  • Healthier, happier joints – as well as tendons and ligaments 
  • More consistent metabolism and better long-term weight management 

These add up to a better life. It’s no surprise that weight gain pills for skinny guys are particularly popular.

What Are The Different Types Of Weight Gain Pills?

Weight gain products take different routes to increasing muscle gain. Some focus on appetite stimulation to help you eat more food. Others are more concerned with boosting muscle growth directly. Others don’t do anything but increase water retention, sadly.

The best weight gain products will improve multiple systems all at once.

Remember: there’s a difference between weight gain quality and quantity. Gaining more weight isn’t better if that means more fat gain or damage to your health.

[image comparing appetite stimulants with post workout recovery pills like TL bulk, maybe?]

High quality weight gainers improve your health, while low quality products will actively harm it – or lead to unwanted fat gain. This is why it’s so important to get the best possible product for your needs.

Best Weight Gain Pills

The best weight gain pills on the market are AppetiteMax, with EatMor in second place, and then some major drop off afterwards. EatUp and NutriThick are included on this list because it’s just as important to see what to avoid as what to focus on!

AppetiteMax Appetite Stimulant Pills

AppetiteMax is a premium quality appetite stimulant pill that boosts appetite, regulates metabolism, and supports digestion.

AppetiteMax is the best weight gainer supplement on the market if you want to eat more and improve your health benefits.

This is the best option to cover all the most important things you need to gain weight. It has a better set of benefits than any of the competitors. It produces the best secondary benefits as well as excellent appetite stimulation.

The ingredients are strong and well designed:

  • Hunger spark blend: Gentiana Lutea and Leucine, improving appetite and muscle protein signaling
  • Body balance blend: DAA, Ashwagandha and Boron work together to support and regulate hormonal health
  • Digest ease blend: digestive support from amylase and glucoamylase to increase carbohydrate metabolism and support weight gain
  • Supersorb blend: Ginseng and Piperine boost absorption of all nutrients, but especially protein and amino acids, for better muscle growth

These provide excellent benefits, while a background of Vitamins B1, B12, D, Magnesium, and Zinc ensure proper metabolism. These both boost health and weight gain quality,  further strengthening the main ingredients.


  • Great appetite boosting effects
  • Best in class secondary benefits
  • Excellent health benefits on top of appetite


  • A premium price tag for a premium product


EatMor is a popular weight gain supplement that aims at increasing appetite to make weight gain easier. It’s an over-the-counter solution with a focus on appetite stimulation, but some secondary benefits to health and vitality.

The ingredients are primarily herbal extracts like ginger and curcumin. These offer all-round benefits and do support digestion, synergising with Gentiana Lutea for appetite. These are good for those ‘hard to isolate’ health benefits we call “better subjective wellbeing”.

  • Gentiana Lutea: the active ingredient that boosts appetite and hunger, great choice
  • Centaurium Erythraea: similar to gentiana, great support for appetite and digestion
  • Ginger: a great health and digestion aid to support uptake and absorption
  • Medicago Sativa: another absorption and digestion aid to improve appetite
  • Curcumin: a great health supplement for all-round wellbeing

It’s made our second place because these secondary benefits don’t contribute to weight gain as well as AppetiteMax does. This makes it a good supplement on its own, but a little underpowered on our list.


  • Actively improves appetite with Gentiana Lutea
  • Good secondary benefits for health
  • Stronger than many market alternatives


  • Secondary benefits are not as synergistic as AppetiteMax
  • Not the best option on the market, despite comparable price


EatUP is an interesting health supplement that markets itself as a weight gainer, but actually focuses on other effects.

While it may provide indirect support to weight gain, none of the ingredients are appetite stimulants, muscle builders, or similar:

  • Agave syrup: it’s just tree-sugar
  • Purified water: it’s just water
  • Prebiotics and fiber: it’s just vegetable ‘ruffage’
  • Fenugreek: a libido booster and general wellness support
  • Spirulina: full of vitamins and minerals that you cannot absorb efficiently
  • Turmeric: excellent all-round health and digestion support
  • Ginger: another great absorption agent and gastric juice regulator
  • Chicory: more fiber and prebiotics, which are fine but not very powerful
  • Watercress: great nutrient-dense veg, but you could just eat it
  • Raspberry concentrate: a nothing-burger, mostly regulatory, but sub-clinical dosage

So, what you really get is a mixture of things that don’t work, things you can get elsewhere, and things that aren’t clinically powerful. None of these ingredients are bad but they’re also not powerful enough to justify the price tag.

EatUp has very little to compete with AppetiteMax or EatMor, and it has landed itself near the bottom of our list because of it.

Is it good for you? Yes.

Does it justify the price? No.


  • Some interesting and impressive secondary ingredients


  • Doesn’t actually increase weight gain
  • Weak effect relative to price – poor value for money

NutriThick: Weight Gain Pills For Women?

NutriThick is a weight gainer aimed at women, which seems to miss the fact that men and women gain weight in very similar ways. Despite small changes in metabolic systems, the idea of eating more than you use always works.

NutriThick’s actual ingredients are not as strong as AppetiteMax, EatMor, or EatUp. This puts it at the bottom of our pile:

  • Creatine: a great ingredient that is well below effective dose in this product. Will cause weight gain through water retention, but none of the real benefits of creatine.
  • Maca: health and wellbeing supplement that is also underdosed and can’t provide best effects.
  • Fenugreek: a libido booster and “Wellbeing” support, but also lactation and fertility aid. These are fine benefits, but not weight gain.
  • Blessed Thistle: this is a good way to support your liver but doesn’t help weight gain
  • Chamomile: an anxiolytic to improve sleep and beat stress, which are good secondary benefits
  • Saw palmetto: another libido support supplement but no clear effect on appetite or weight gain quality
  • Kudzu root:  a popular traditional medicine for hangovers, hormonal support, and metabolism. This is another strong secondary ingredient – and not one you see often!

So not only is it a proprietary blend – consumer unfriendly – but it’s also weak. There’s not nearly enough dosage per capsule for ingredients like Creatine (2.5g) or Maca (1.5g) to be included at effective doses.

So the ingredients are weak, the doses are insufficient, and you’ve no idea how much you’re getting. This – and the poor marketing towards women – is why NutriThick makes the bottom of our list of weight gainers.


  • Some very interesting secondary ingredients


  • Proprietary blends hide the actual dosages from you, because…
  • Many ingredients dosed far below clinical requirements to get benefits
  • No actual weight gain and appetite support
  • More libido and sexual function effects than actual weight gain
  • Weight gain will
  • primarily be water weight and not muscle mass
  • It’s not “for women” just because it’s in a pink bottle – the product is poor

How Can Weight Gainers Help?

Weight gainer shakes are high calorie supplements that help you gain weight by adding calories to your diet. They make it easier to reach a calorie surplus by using low volume, high calorie liquids.

These are easy calories, but they do come with drawbacks. Some lower quality products use excessive sugar, lack vitamins and minerals, or include contaminants like heavy metals.

These put a large range of quality and effectiveness in the mass gainer powder market. Good products can be excellent, but lower quality ones are worth avoiding.

Why Are Appetite Stimulants The Best Weight Gain Supplements?

Appetite stimulants are the best weight gain supplements on the market because they help you eat more nutrient dense foods. They increase appetite, metabolism, and offer secondary benefits – so you can just eat more of what you need.

Crucially, these supplements are not high calorie, and they don’t have the same “bottom end” of unhealthy ingredients as mass gainer shakes.

Weight Gain Diets With Weight Gainers

Appetite stimulants are only as good as your diet. What you eat with that boosted appetite is down to you.

It’s a great way to make more space in your diet to chase your goals. If you’ve been struggling with appetite and fullness, this type of supplement is a great choice – especially if you have good eating habits.

The best appetite stimulant pills will offer other, innate benefits:

  • Supporting metabolism
  • Improving food clearance to get hungrier sooner
  • Reducing bloating and other “fullness” effects
  • Supporting muscle growth or recovery
  • Vitamin and mineral supplementation

Watch out for these -they make the difference between a good appetite supplement and a great one. Added metabolic support and “food turnover” make all the difference when you’re trying to sneak in extra snacks or another meal.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Weight Gain Supplement

Value For Money: Is It Worth It?

You should only buy weight gainer supplements if they offer the right value for your money. This is pretty easy, as many weight gainers are affordable, and deliver great benefits.

The main question you need to ask yourself is what you’re spending and what you’ll get for it. The benefits of a high quality weight gain supplement are universal for weight gain.

The more you’ve struggled with appetite, the better weight gainers become. If your main stumbling point is being too full, the value is excellent.

Safety: Is It Risky?

You need to make sure your choice of weight gainer is safe – especially when dealing with lower cost mass gainers. Heavy metal content and contaminants are more common in ‘bargain bin’ brands, where standards are lower.

However, high quality weight gainers – mass gainers and appetite stimulants alike – are typically healthy. The best mass gainers and appetite stimulants actively improve health, as well as muscle growth.

Healthy weight gain is key – make sure you get your supplements from a reputable brand. Research any ingredients you’re unsure of with sites like to make sure you know what you’re getting.

Secondary Benefits

Weight gainer pills can have varied effects -they might directly support muscle growth, boost appetite, or increase recovery after exercise. The different mechanisms need to work together.

Secondary ingredients are the best way to do this, with synergists acting together to improve results. The ingredients in a product that support your main goal – like appetite increase – will either power up your results, or waste space.

Always check out secondary ingredients to see what you’re paying for. We’ve included them in all our reviews because they’re crucial to getting your money’s worth.

Effective Doses

It can be hard to learn how much of an ingredient you need – and supplement companies know that. That’s why products like NutriThick have good ingredients but at doses so low they basically do nothing.

It’s easy to brag about ingredients when nobody checks the dose. Make sure you’re getting the right dose by referencing the clinical levels used, and what you get in a weight gain pill.

If you’re not getting enough, you may as well not get any, for most weight gain ingredients.

Final Thoughts

The best weight gain pills on the market are AppetiteMax. They boost your appetite to help you eat more real, nutritious food. This is both healthier and more effective than a simple mass gainer shake or a weight gainer pill that produces water retention.

It also has great secondary benefits which put it ahead of the rest of the market, securing our top spot. The other weight gainer pills are good, but they mainly struggle to find a niche when they’re just not as powerful.

Weight gain is a simple process of eating more and supporting your body’s key processes. It’s hard for other products to carve out a niche – like ‘for women’ – when AppetiteMax does the same job but better.

Ryan Medison Phd is an ABMS board certified urologist specializing in reproductive urology whose areas of expertise are men’s health and male infertility. He is also an associate professor of urology at the Institute in Berkeley, California, the director of male reproductive medicine and surgery at UNC Fertility

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