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ARHP helps you stay abreast of the latest reproductive health news with links to breaking stories and research findings. We track daily news reports from credible sources including newspapers, journals, vetted blogs, conference updates, and …

ARHP helps you stay abreast of the latest reproductive health news with links to breaking stories and research findings. We track daily news reports from credible sources including newspapers, journals, vetted blogs, conference updates, and others.

March 22, 2012: Abortion Foes Do Live Ultrasounds in Idaho Capitol from ABC News

March 19, 2012: Why anti-abortion activists should not intimidate women from CNN News

March 14, 2012: Remember That Study Saying Abortion Makes You Crazy? from The New York Times

March 13, 2012: The Hypocrisy of the Abortion Debate: Why Conservatives Should Vote Pro-Choice and Leave Planned Parenthood Alone from The Huffington Post

March 7, 2012: Agent Staves Off Complications of Abortion from MedPage Today

March 5, 2012: States slash birth control subsidies as federal debate rages from Reuters

February 28, 2012: The ultrasound fallacy from Salon

February 25, 2012: Ultrasound: A Pawn in the Abortion Wars from The New York Times

February 11: 2012: Anatomy of an unsafe abortion from Dr. Jen Gunter

January 26, 2012: Ind. Senate Panel Advances Medication Abortion Bill from National Partnership for Women and Families

January 24, 2012: Bill Would Ban Abortion After 20 Weeks in District of Columbia from National Partnership for Women and Families

January 19, 2012: Unsafe Abortions on the Rise: New Global Analysis from ABC News

January 13, 2012: Court orders enforcement of Texas abortion law from Reuters

January 12, 2012: Abortion Rights Advocates, Opponents’ Tactics Evolve from NPR

January 10, 2012: Planned Parenthood takes anti-abortion initiative to Supreme Court from The Denver Post

January 10, 2012: U.S. court allows Texas to enforce abortion-sonogram law from USA Today

January 4, 2012: Rockford abortion clinic can reopen from The Chicago Sun Times

January 3, 2012: Facebook Sparks Controversy By Removing Home Abortion Instructions from Jezebel

December 9, 2011: Study shows unwanted pregnancy — not abortion — raises risk of mental health problems from The Record.com

November 30, 2011: Shaheen Amendment To Restore Abortion Coverage For Military Rape Victims Bypassed In Senate from The Huffington Post

November 30, 2011: Illinois Supreme Court to consider abortion dispute from The Chicago Tribune

November 29, 2011: Abortion Foes Claim New Birth Control Coverage Benefit Is Religious Persecution from Think Progress

November 29, 2011: Mitt Romney’s Evolution On Abortion from NPR News

November 29, 2011: Date highlights abortion rates from The Press Association

November 25, 2011: Spain gay rights and abortion activists fear backlash from BBC News

November 22, 2011: Call to limit abortion counselling from The Press Association

November 22, 2011: BLOM & BELL: Abortion-immigration dynamic from The Washington Times

November 21, 2011: Abortion: Do As I Say, Not As I Do from The Huffington Post

November 14, 2011: The Rise of the Abortion Doula from The New York Observer

November 14, 2011: Judge halts North Carolina law requiring ultrasounds before abortions from American Medical News

November 14, 2011: Personhood amendment shows that ‘pro-life’ not a monolith, even on Roe v. Wade from The Washington Post

November 12, 2011: Gloria Steinem: ‘I think we need to get much angrier’ from The Guardian Observer

November 10, 2011: From Russia Without Love from The Huffington Post

November 8, 2011: Voters Head to Polls With Union Rights, Abortion at Stake from PBS Newshour

November 8, 2011: Quinn says bishops who attacked his abortion stance should have met with him first from the Chicago Tribune

November 8, 2011: ’Personhood’ Laws Do Nothing to Resolve Abortion Debate from Blumberg Businessweek

November 7, 2011: Anti-Abortion Violence Missing In Government’s Main Terrorism Database from the Huffington Post

November 7, 2011: Abortion and ‘Personhood’ On GOP Campaign Agenda from Kaiser Health News

November 7, 2011: Abortion Resurfaces for GOP Field from the Wall Street Journal

November 6, 2011: Abortion’s veil of silence threatens Ugandan women from The Globe and Mail

November 6, 2011: Judy Widdicombe dies: she put women in charge at abortion clinics she founded from St. Louis Today

November 5, 2011: Kasich signs new abortion rules for minors from the Columbus Dispatch

November 4, 2011: Santorum: GOP needs to talk more about values from the Associated Press

November 4, 2011: Nancy Keenan: The War on Women You Haven’t Heard of from the Huffington Post

November 4, 2011: Americans’ #1 Priority: Abortion? From the Huffington Post

November 3, 2011: Quinn: Taking part in abortion-rights group event the ‘proper, Christian thing to do’ from Chicago-Sun Times

October 24, 2011: Curb soaring population growth? Keep girls in school from Reuters

October 23, 2011: Herman Cain, What did he say about abortion from Columbia Daily Tribune

October 22, 2011: Okla. judge blocks abortion law from taking effect  from Houston Chronicle

October 21, 2001: Indiana, Planned Parenthood in court over funding from Bloomberg Businessweek

October 21, 2011: Change of Subject: Romney: Unclear on the concept or a stealth abortion extremist? from the Chicago Tribune

October 20, 2011: The Supply-Side Economics of Abortion from the New England Journal of Medicine

October 20, 2011: Wisconsin Senate considers limits on abortions under health reform from the Chicago Tribune

October 19, 2001: S.F. supes target antiabortion pregnancy centers from The San Francisco Chronicle

October 14, 2011: Anti-abortion group begins push for constitutional amendment from the Columbus Dispatch

October 14, 2011: Kansas panel faults ex-AG Kline on abortion probes from Reuters

October 13, 2011: Women urge others to go public about abortions from The San Francisco Chronicle

October 5, 2011: State suspends license of Rockford abortion clinic from The Chicago Tribune

October 4, 2011: Judge orders hearing over law on abortion rules from Forbes

October 4, 2011: Bachmann shifts focus to abortion for a day in Iowa from CBS News

October 4, 2011: At Flagstaff clinic, women seeking abortions told to go to Phx from The Tucson Sentinel

September 30, 2011: President of crisis pregnancy center chain touts anti-abortion search engine strategy from The Florida Independent

September 30, 2011: Abortion Suicide Link Fails a Court Test from Womens eNews

September 29, 2011: High Court lets sonogram injunction stay from The Houston Chronicle

September 29, 2011: Groups sue to block North Carolina abortion law from Reuters

September 28, 2011: Michigan lawmakers approve abortion procedure ban from The Lansing State Journal

September 28, 2011: House GOP probing Planned Parenthood’s records on how it spends taxpayer money from The Washington Post

June 6 2011: Planned Parenthood In Danger of Losing Federal Funding from wsoctv.com

June 6 2011: Louisiana Bill Requires Signs at Abortion Clinic from Women’s Health Policy Report (nationalpartnership.org)

June 2 2011: Abortion Rights Opponents Continue ‘Personhood’ Push from Women’s Health Policy Report (nationalpartnership.org)

June 3 2011: Teenage Abortion Rates Drop Significantly from The Weston Mercury News

June 3 2011: Anti Choice Zealots See Poor Black Women As Collateral Damage by ColorLines Magazine

May 30 2011: Should Military Pay For Abortions in Case of Rape? From AllGov.com

May 30 2011: Bill Allowing Military To Cover Abortions For Rape Victims Introduced from Ms. Magazine

May 29 2011: US Military Personnel Reveals Rape Assault by Colleague from Fars News Agency

April 20, 2011: Oklahoma is fourth state to ban abortions after 20 weeks from Reuters

April 16, 2011: Boy Bias: India Census Results Point to Selective Abortion from TIME

April 14, 2011: Idaho governor signs abortion ban after 20 weeks from Reuters

April 10, 2011: Planned Parenthood in demand even amid uncertain future from the Los Angeles Times

March 30, 2011: Arizona enacts ban on abortions based on gender, race from The Associated Press

March 29, 2011: Anti-abortion billboard ignites controversy from The Chicago Tribune

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