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ARHP helps you stay abreast of the latest reproductive health news with links to breaking stories and research findings. We track daily news reports from credible sources including newspapers, journals, vetted blogs, conference updates, and …

ARHP helps you stay abreast of the latest reproductive health news with links to breaking stories and research findings. We track daily news reports from credible sources including newspapers, journals, vetted blogs, conference updates, and others.

November 30, 2011: Yoga may ease insomnia, menopause problems from Reuters

November 28, 2011: Partial Hysterectomies Still Increase Early Menopause Risk from the New York Times

November 28, 2011: Early ovarian failure linked to pre-menopausal hysterectomy from International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics

November 25, 2011: Ovary removal not tied to increased risk of death from Retuers

November 14, 2011: For the forgetful in menopause, brain works harder to keep up from The Los Angeles Times

November 14, 2011: Hysterectomy Increases Risk for Earlier Menopause In Younger Women from Duke University

November 9, 2011: For menopausal women, ‘hot flash’ is a dirty word from The Seattle Times

November 9, 2011: Prolonged estrogen use linked to urinary incontinence from Modern Medicine

November 7, 2011: No bones about it: HRT prevents hip fractures from the American Council on Science and Health

October 31, 2011: ASRM Presentation: Higher Risk for Premature Ovarian Failure and Early Menopause with CID from

October 27, 2011: Women at Midlife and Beyond Have Unique Health Needs from Medscape News

October 25, 2011: Timing Hormone Therapy: Heart vs Cancer Risk from Medscape News

October 24, 2011: Weight Gain Might Raise Endometrial Cancer Risk from MedlinePlus

October 21, 2011: Chronic Inflammation May Mean Early Menopause from Medscape News

October 20, 2011: Women do not get enough vitamin D during menopause, Spanish study suggests from ScienceDaily

October 18, 2011: Hormonal Treatment of Hot Flashes Still OK for Some: Experts from US News and World Report

October 18, 2011: Frequent Hot Flashes? Check Lipid Levels  from Family Practice News

October 17, 2011: Vaginal Symptoms of Menopause Respond to Novel SERM from Family Practice News

October 17, 2011: Oestrogen could be good for women who hit the menopause early from the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics

October 14, 2011: Smoking linked to earlier menopause from Reuters

October 11, 2011: Women who exercise a lot hit menopause earlier from MSNBC

August 2, 2011: Menopause Not Linked to Diabetes Risk in High-Risk Women from Medscape

August 1, 2011: Menopause Not Tied to Diabetes Risk for Glucose Intolerant from the Doctors Lounge

July 25, 2011: Can Obesity Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer? from HealthNews

July 22, 2011: Japanese Herb for Hot Flashes Fails in U.S. Trial from Reuters

July 20, 2011: Hormone Thwarts Early Menopause in Breast Cancer from MedPage Today

June 7, 2011: Flaxseed fails as treatment for hot flashes from

June 7, 2011: Can Face Wrinkles Determine Bone Fracture Risk? from ABC News- Health

June 6, 2011: Health News – Estrogen At the Onset of Menopause May Support Heart Health from

June 1, 2011: Dad’s Smoking Linked to Daughter’s Menopause from

April 20, 2011: Calcium Supplements Linked to Increased Heart Attack Risk in Post-Menopausal Women from ABC News/Health

April 8, 2011: Making Sense of Hormone Therapy After Menopause from TIME

April 6, 2011: Advice on hormone replacement continues to evolve from The Los Angeles Times

March 25, 2011: Chemicals Linked to Early Menopause from WebMD

March 21, 2011: The Claim: Eating Flaxseed Can Help Relieve Hot Flashes from The New York Times

March 17, 2011: Menopause symptoms: searching for real relief from The Boston Globe

February 24, 2011: Hot Flashes at Menopause May Protect the Heart from Time Magazine

February 18, 2011: Easing through the menopause from The Telegraph

February 13, 2011: Menopause And Insomnia: How Hormones And Hot Flashes Affect Sleep from The Huffington Post

February 7, 2011: Study: Smoking before menopause could lead to breast cancer from WECT News

January 29, 2011: Starting HRT early raises breast cancer risk: study from Reuters

January 28, 2011: Why Those Agonizing Hot Flashes May Not Be All Bad from Time Healthland

January 24, 2011: Smoking increases the risk of breast cancer, but only before menopause, study finds from The Los Angeles Times

January 18, 2011: Antidepressants relieve hot flashes from The Washington Post

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