Interactive Tools

Method Match
Use this tool to compare methods on the criteria that matter most to you. Find the method that matches your lifestyle by sorting, filtering, and comparing methods side-by-side. Once you decide which methods might work best for you, learn more by watching a short video, reading detailed information, and downloading a printer-friendly fact sheet.
Size up Your Sex Life
Did you know that great sex doesn’t necessarily come from below the belt? This quiz will help you consider how your life, love, health, relationships, and well-being are contributing to healthy sexuality.
Birth Control: How Hormones Work to Prevent Pregnancy
This tool helps women to better understand five hormonal birth control methods and how the hormones in these methods work in the body to prevent pregnancy.
Menstrual Suppression: What it is, and how to do it
This user-friendly patient tool allows a woman to explore what happens in her body throughout her monthly cycle, both on and off hormonal contraception. It also details menstrual suppression including what it is, how it works, and the ways various hormonal birth control methods suppress menstruation.

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