Health Matters Fact Sheets – Tips and Tools for Health and Home

The Connection Between Your Health and the Environment:
Tips and Tools for Health and Home

(Updated December 2009)

You want to make sure you and your home are safe and healthy. You have heard the warnings about many everyday items being unsafe. Where should you start?

We all come into contact with toxins (another name for poisons) in the environment. Some are in our food, our homes, and where we work and play. There are things you can do to limit contact with them. Here are some suggestions to make your food, home, and community safer. Remember that toxins are different depending where you live, so find out about those in your local area.

Choose personal care and baby products with fewer toxins:

Check the safety of your personal care products, like shampoo, soap, and deodorant

Limit exposure to toxins in and around your home:

Check your home health IQ

Look up the safety of everyday products

Choose fish and seafood that is healthy, lower in mercury, and better for the environment

Reduce your exposure to pesticides

Research local water quality and filters

Find recipes for non-toxic cleaners

Check toy safety rankings and recommendations

Treat pests with non-toxic and least-toxic alternatives

Prevent exposure to lead and radon in your home

Reduce toxins in your work place or school:

Learn about the chemicals, hazards, or exposures in a particular industry or job

Create a healthier school environment

Reduce toxins in your community:

Find tools and tips for your community

More resources and information: