Contraception Continuing Education

Keep track of current opportunities to earn continuing education (CE/CME) credits and attend upcoming conferences related to reproductive health.

ARHP’s Reproductive Health Events Calendar 

Continuing Education Activities from ARHP

On Demand Webinars

  • Developing Technologies for Preventing Unintended Pregnancy and STIs
  • Provider Education and Training to Increase Use of Intrauterine Contraception
  • Reducing Clinician and Patient Biases against Vaginal Insert Therapies
  • Risk Made Real: An Evidence-Based Approach to Addressing Risk in Contraception

Clinical Minutes

  • Communication Strategies to Address Vaginal Myths and Biases Against Vaginal Insert Therapies
  • Discovering the Barrier Methods: Female Condom, Diaphragm, and Cervical Cap
  • Integrating IUD Services into Your Clinical Practice
  • IUC for Adolescent and Nulliparous Women
  • The IUD vs. Vaginal Ring: Counseling Your Adolescent Patients
  • Risk Update: Permanent Contraception
  • Risk Update: Risk Perception
  • Treating Heavy Menstrual Bleeding with an IUD

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