A Medical Student’s Guide to Improving Reproductive Health Curricula – Appendix 4

Spread the Word

Telling others about the need for curriculum improvements is vital to the success of your campaign.

Here are some ideas for how to get the word out:

  • Make overheads to display meeting notices in classrooms before class, or write the information on chalkboards.
  • Use e-mail to send out notices of meetings and coordinate organizing efforts.
  • Make flyers and post them on bulletin boards in libraries, dorms, athletic facilities, and hospitals (so third- and fourth-year students can see them) and in bathroom stalls. Distribute notices and flyers in student mailboxes. Make them entertaining and eye-catching so people will read them (see Appendix 5 for a sample flyer).
  • Place notice of the meeting in your school newsletter and newspaper.
  • Speak at the meetings of other student groups, especially those that co-sponsor your efforts.
  • Make a phone tree of your friends and ask them to call their friends.
  • Make buttons and wear them on your backpack (e.g., “Will you be prepared?” “Ask me about improving reproductive health education!”). Contact MSFC for buttons and stickers.
  • Ask to be added to your medical school’s activity fair. Be prepared to present a case for improving the curriculum.
  • Send personal e-mails.