MoveMD Review 2023-Does This Joint Relief Supplement Work?

Joint pain and stiffness have become like a pandemic nowadays. According to a CDC report, about 1 in every 4 U.S. adults face joint discomfort. Besides, women suffer from joint issues more than men, and …

MoveMD Review

Joint pain and stiffness have become like a pandemic nowadays. According to a CDC report, about 1 in every 4 U.S. adults face joint discomfort. Besides, women suffer from joint issues more than men, and the victim number increases with age.

If not treated properly, later on, it can lead to more serious problems like osteoarthritis.

To cure joint problems properly, supplements are quite effective. Among the other available supplements in the market, MoveMD might be a good pick for you.

It is quite known for relieving pain in the joint area. This supplement also provides joint flexibility and mobility. Ensuring a satisfactory performance for the adults, athletes, and elders.

As a whole, we are providing you with a detailed MoveMD review which will uphold explicit crystal-clear facts about the product and so more.

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MoveMD Review Diving into Details

A uniqueness of this product is that it is filled with natural ingredients that can already be found in our bodies. Sometimes scarcity of these elements causes problematic issues in our joint system.

In your daily household work, if you are a gym goer or for other possible reasons, you may feel discomfort with the joints. That’s where the MoveMD comes, assuring you of the healing of these problems.

It removes joint discomfort by lubricating and maintaining the proper bone collagen level. Also, it keeps the cartilage strong.

In short, MoveMD aims for the joint healthiness of your body. Another thing, it does not take immediate action. This means it will only relieve your pain after applying. Rather, this product requires some time to take action, most likely about 5-7 days.

Though it may vary from user to user, after 2-3 months, this supplement works as a long-term solution by curing problems from the inside.

As the product makes the joint flexible and strengthened, you can fire up your everyday performance with extra initiative.

Benefits of MoveMD

MoveMD has many notable benefits to offer. Like,

  • Wheat, peanut, dairy, and shellfish free.
  • Ensures removing joint discomfort in five days.
  • Supports lymphocyte function.

Some other essential benefits are −

Reducing Joint Discomfort

Joint pain can be a serious issue for many people. However, MoveMD comes with a striking acid (known as hyaluronic acid).

It ensures the elimination of any joint pain challenges and gives you pain relief. It even aids in reducing the overall stiffness of your joints by joint lubrication.

Decreasing Stress

Long-term stress can affect our bones and muscles in a bad way. In stressful situations, chemical reactions of our body cause pressure on our muscles by a “Flight or fight response.” That way, long-time stress keeps the muscle on guard always.

Which later on stresses muscle, and since muscle is connected with the joints, hence joints are also affected.

Moreover, when the chemical reaction happens, oxygen produces free radicals, which can damage the tissue. Fortunately, antioxidants can prevent it from damaging the tissues.

Similarly, Astaxanthin has a lot of potential as an antioxidant. It works pretty well to reduce stress. That’s why MoveMD reduces oxidative stress in young adult females through antioxidant qualities.

Supporting Bone Health

Cartilage is a special type of covering tissue that protects the top of bones. This essential element may get damaged suddenly by accidents or sports injuries.

Damaged cartilage can hamper joint health. Because, in unusual cases, it can not absorb shock or reduce the friction of the bones.

Type II collagens can be found on cartilage. Its presence in cartilage is essential. This is because it gives the cartilage tensile strength and elasticity. Damaged cartilage can be cured by filling the insufficient type II collagens spaces.

Its net-type microstructure holds the collagen together strongly and maintains bone health.

Possible Side Effects

  • Not likable to vegetarians since it has chicken collagen and some ingredients from sea fishes.
  • Unsuitable for milk and egg allergy sufferers.

According to users, MoveMD does not have any major side effects. But it contains Boswellia serrata, which may cause some slight problems.

Stomach Problems

Boswellia can be found in nature. It heals the joint pain quickly, about in 5-7 days.

But it has some side effects with stomach sensitive people. Users who have weak stomachs have problems related to diarrhea and nausea.

It awakens the blood flow in the uterus and pelvic regions, which affect the menstrual cycle. Some people also see skin rashes due to Boswellia extract’s side effects.

MoveMD Ingredients

By now, you have already realized that this product works pretty well for joint discomfort problems. What makes the supplement perform so well is its present organic ingredients. MoveMD offers the following ingredients:

  1. ApresFlex Boswellia Serrata Extract
  2. Zanthin Natural Astaxanthin
  3. Type X.I.V. collagen
  4. Type II collagen
  5. Hyaluronic acid

Knowing These Ingredients Better

Above, we have just mentioned the ingredient’s name. Let’s know the details about what these ingredients are and how they are beneficial to us.

ApresFlex Boswellia Serrata Extract

MoveMD contains about 100 mg of Boswellia Serrata extract. Boswellia species resin has been used as folk medicine in India and Africa for thousands of years.

Due to its success rate, western medicine has also adopted this herb. Its sap, bark, and other parts extract has been quite useful for pharmacological purposes.

Its extract contains

  • acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid
  • acetyl-β-boswellic acid
  • 11-keto-β-boswellic acid
  • β-boswellic acid

Though this plant has many medicinal sides, it is mostly used for osteoarthritis.

As it restrains the loss of cartilage, it performs well as a painkiller. Also, this herbal extract can cure asthma, IMD (inflammatory bowel disease), and RA (rheumatoid arthritis).

Boswellia is suitable for adult uses. Research shows that an adult can take its extract by mouth for about 100-250 mg with the first meal of the day.  

Zanthin Natural Astaxanthin

MoveMD has about 2 mg of Zanthin natural Astaxanthin. This ingredient is known as the most powerful antioxidant.

It can provide extra antioxidant benefits. Astaxanthin can fight well against oxidative stress and improves bone and joint health.

Also, it performs well as a great anti-inflammatory. Sometimes inflammation can lead to cell damage, pain, and osteoporosis. Fortunately, Astaxanthin is doing well in reducing it.

Astaxanthin is 65x more powerful than vitamin C, 54x more powerful than β-Carotene, and 12x more powerful than vitamin E. It can also improve the immune system.

You can find Astaxanthin, i.e., microalgae, in krill, sockeye salmon, and shellfish. Most experts suggest taking Astaxanthin 1-40 mg daily, depending on the patient.

Though it has no side effects, it may cause little problem to the skin due to daily overdose.

Another thing is since this ingredient is fat soluble, better consume it with avocado, coconut, and fatty fish.

Type X.I.V. Collagen

This ingredient is mainly a combination of three collagens, type I, V, and X. It contains glycosaminoglycans and proteins.

That is essential for maintaining healthy joints and connective tissues. MoveMD has about 100 mg of this complex collagen.

For maintaining proper bone health, it is widely used nowadays. As it removes the pain, it can also fix the inflexibility of the joints and tissues.

According to many users, it reduces bone-related stress for athletes and gymgoers. That’s why MoveMD is likable to athletes and young adults.

Type II Collagen

This collagen can be found in body cartilage, bone, and connective tissues. In cartilage, 50% of protein is type II collagen.

It is mainly used in supplements that come from a chicken. For joint discomfort issues and osteoarthritis, collagen comes in handy.

In MoveMD, this ingredient can be found at about 280 mg. It adds support and maintains healthy joints.

Type II collagen is fibrils organized. This fibrillar net anchors cartilage to proteoglycan aggregates and imparts tensile strength to the tissue.

Collagen type II is best suitable for adults. People who are allergic to chicken might get side effects from it.

Hyaluronic acid

This acid plays a vital role in the synovial joints by lubricating the bones. But sometimes, the acid quantity may reduce due to aging or other unusual reasons.

So if you take an extra or additional hyaluronic supplement, it will improve bone health. This acid has the ability to draw liquid.

MoveMD contains 25 mg of hyaluronic acid. With other useful ingredients, it concentrates on improving bone lubrication. Hence the pain slowly goes away.

How MoveMD Works?

The perfect combination of current components is what makes MoveMD perform so well. We have already mentioned that MoveMD needs at least 5 days to effect.

So what it does is first determines the free radicals for the joint issues. Then neutralize the free radicals using its available collagens.

It has Apresflex Boswellia Serrata extract that stops the formation of causative molecules, which causes inflammation.

That’s when hyaluronic acid takes action. It slowly lubricates the bones in synovial joints by drawing liquid to the joints. Hence the pain reduces and ensures comfort movements.

Astaxanthin works as an antioxidant as it relieves stress. Type II collagen’s chondroitin recovers the damaged cartilage, which helps the bone and tissue to function properly.

Dosage Recommendation

A single MoveMD contains 30 capsules. Since it’s not for children’s use, only adults can take it. And an adult can consume only one capsule daily. It’s best to take it on an empty stomach with a glass of water.

Regular intake will reduce the joint discomfort in 5 days; in a month, you won’t feel any stress on the joints; and lastly, in 2-3 months, it will make your daily movement easier. To boost healing, be sure to maintain a healthy diet plan.

An Alternative Pick

MoveMD may not be the only option available on your list. Physio Flex Pro is another idle joint pain supplement. It can fix the joint issue faster and more effectively.

Physio Flex Pro can deliver better antioxidant protection, promote a healthy inflammatory response and strengthen the joint structure.

It can provide a better combination of key vitamins, minerals, botanicals, peptides, and other bioactive compounds that can comfort joints throughout their lifetime.

Many users have praised the Physio Flex Pro performance on joint issues greatly. 

Moreover, instead of using glucosamine HCL as a collagen source, MoveMD depends on type I, II, and V collagen.

Which makes it unusual since glucosamine is one of the best ingredients for improving joint issues.

MoveMD highly depends on Boswellia extract to reduce the pain. Whereas you can consume Boswellia extract separately.

In this way, you can avoid MoveMD’s unreasonable pricing. It is very expensive compared to its ingredients. So you can easily say that Physio Flex Pro is better than MoveMD for joint relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make knee cartilage stronger?

PRP and stem cell therapy have shown great potential in curing cartilage injuries. These two therapies use the body’s own immune system to reduce cartilage to heal and regrow itself in a way that it might not otherwise. This is because stem cells have the ability to regenerate.

How do I make my weak joints stronger?

Strengthening your joints is an advanced preparation for joint problems. Sometimes it can prevent any unusual joint discomfort issues. So you can exercise regularly, like walking, running and cycling. Build strong muscles by doing squats, lunges, and airplane pose. But be careful to avoid exercise-related injuries. Last, of all, lose extra weight.

What herb is best for joints?

Herbs have been used for curing joints in the past. Some of them are Borago officinalis seed oil, a yarrow herb known as turmeric, Uncaria tomentosa, also called cat’s claw, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and ginger. You can take them as tea, cream,s or as capsules.


In everyday work, bone or joint discomfort can be really annoying. It hampers our daily productivity. In the worst case, the supplement doesn’t work properly.

We hope the above discussion on the MoveMD review has helped you to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Identify your problem specifically before choosing any supplement, don’t confuse it with other pain or anything.

Sometimes people mix up joint issues with muscle pain. However, the discussed supplement is a good choice for bone-related issues because it does its job perfectly. 


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