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Appendix 10
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A Medical Student's Guide to Improving Reproductive Health Curricula

Appendix 10
Sample Agenda for Initial Meeting




Reproductive Health Curriculum Improvement Initial Meeting
September 5
5:30-6:30 p.m.

1. Introductions 10 minutes

  • Designate a secretary
  • Discuss reason for this meeting
  • Lead an icebreaker: Each participant can introduce her/himself and explain why s/he came to the meeting

2. Informational 20 minutes

  • Give a brief presentation on why reproductive health curricula need to be improved
  • Hold a discussion:
    • What reproductive health topics are taught well in our curriculum?
    • What could be taught better?
    • What topics are not being taught but should be?
  • Obtain faculty member input

3. Talk strategy 30 minutes

  • Hold discussion of what needs to be done to improve the curriculum
  • Create a list of goals and tasks
  • Discuss strategic plan for accomplishing goals
  • Divide work or set up committees (see Appendix 9)
  • Break up into work groups or committees briefly to further discuss strategies

4. Set next meeting date