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ARHP Testimony
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Testimony Regarding Adiana Transcervical Sterilization System

Food and Drug Administration
Obstetrics and Gynecology Devices;
Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee
December 13, 2007

Good Morning.  My name is Beth Jordan.  I am an internist, formerly of the Mayo Clinic, and I currently serve as the medical director of the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP).

ARHP is a nonprofit medical organization with 11,000 professional members that has been educating front line reproductive health providers and their patients since 1963.  ARHP positions itself as the leading source for trusted medical education and information for reproductive and sexual health. 

Our executive board and membership is comprised of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, physician assistants, researchers, pharmacists, and educators;  making ARHP a multidisciplinary association of professionals that embodies the reproductive health care team. We reach this broad range of health care professionals, both in the US and abroad, with education and information about reproductive health science, practice, and policy.

ARHP is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education to health care providers through a variety of educational programs, meetings, and publications. We advocate for evidence-based clinical education, provider training, and patient counseling to ensure the best quality patient care and health outcomes.  ARHP also advocates for evidence-based research and supports the availability of a wide range of safe, effective, and appropriate new technologies to enhance the health of all women and men. 

I am here today, on behalf of our board and membership, to ask the committee to look favorably on the application for the Adiana Transcervical Sterilization System.

Making new safe and effective contraceptive technologies available, and training providers in these methods, is paramount in helping women and men plan their families. ARHP believes this is critical for  the best possible health care and is vital to building a stable, functional health care system in the United States. 

Because everyone’s needs are unique, we support the availability of all safe, effective contraceptive options, including reversible and permanent methods.  We are pleased at the potential for a new permanent and less invasive contraceptive option in the United States given that a majority of women in the United States choose tubal ligation as their preferred method of pregnancy prevention.  As women and their healthcare providers assess what method of contraception will be most effective for her, they will both benefit from having several safe and effective permanent options available for consideration. 

For these reasons, on behalf of ARHP’s 11,000 members and their patients, we ask the committee to look favorably on the application for the Adiana Transcervical Sterilization System.

Thank you.