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Contraception News

ARHP helps you stay abreast of the latest reproductive health news with links to breaking stories and research findings. We track daily news reports from credible sources including newspapers, journals, vetted blogs, conference updates, and others.

March 30, 2012:ACOG Supports Oklahoma Court Decision Ruling Ultrasound Act Unconstitutional from The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

March 26, 2012: 1 in 5 Pharmacies Hinders Teens' Access to 'Morning-After' Pill: Study from HealthDay News

February 27, 2012: Americans Get Reacquainted With IUDs from The New York Times

February 15, 2012: Honduran Supreme Court Upholds Most Sweeping Ban on Emergency Contraception Anywhere from RH Reality Check

February 15, 2012: Does Contraception Really Pay For Itself? from NPR Health Blog

February 3, 2012: Komen for the Cure reverses decision to cut Planned Parenthood funding from The Dallas Morning News 

February 1, 2012: Birth Control Recall: Pfizer Recalls 1 Million Packets Of Contraceptive Pills Over Packaging Error from Huffington Post

February 1, 2012: FDA official press release about Pfizer birth control pills recall from FDA

January 20, 2012: Obama Administration Approves Rule That Guarantees Near-Universal Contraceptive Coverage from ThinkProgress

December 19, 2011: ACA Leaves Coverage Gaps for Women from American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

December 13, 2011: Is the Sheer Choice of Birth Control Confounding You? from TIME

December 9, 2011: With Doubts, FDA Panel Votes For Yaz And Related Contraceptives from NPR News Blog

December 9, 2011: FDA panel backs birth control patch from USA Today

December 8, 2011: FDA Panel Backs Overall Benefit Of Yaz Pills from CBS Baltimore

December 8, 2011: FDA panel wants more risk information on Yaz pills from Boston Globe

December 2, 2011: Catholic Groups Fight Contraceptive Rule, But Many Already Offer Coverage from NPR

November 29, 2011: Obama Supporters Worried He May Grant Contraception Exemptions to Catholic Hospitals from ABC News

November 28, 2011: Need Birth Control? Don’t Bother Asking Apple’s Siri from Ms. Magazine

November 23, 2011: The pope is still sidestepping the issue of contraception and Aids from The Guardian

November 23, 2011: Personhood amendment proposed in Wisconsin from the LaCrosse Tribune

November 15, 2011: Oral Contraceptive Linked to Increased Risk for VTE from

November 14, 2011: A funny approach to birth control for young adults from CNN

November 11, 2011: Catholic college sues over contraception mandate from The Washington Post

November 10, 2011: New Version of Contraceptive Implant Is Easier to Insert from WebMD  

November 4, 2011: Mississippi voting on amendment to declare fertilized egg a person from CNN

November 2, 2011: The Birth Control Solution from The New York Times

November 2, 2011: Congress picks up birth control battle from The Washington Post

October 27, 2011: Safety review update on the possible increased risk of blood clots with birth control pills containing drospirenone from The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

October 25, 2011: Pill 'lowers ovarian cancer risk' from BBC News

October 25, 2011: Progestogen Type in Contraceptive Dictates Thrombosis Risk from Medscape News

October 24, 2011: Curb soaring population growth? Keep girls in school from Reuters

October 22, 2011: Talking Their Way Out of a Population Crisis from the New York Times

October 19, 2011: Wis. Dems rip contraception education repeal from The Chicago Tribune

October 18, 2011: Women still prefer short-acting contraceptives from The Los Angeles Times  

October 13, 2011: The Pill Alters How Women Select A Partner from Medical News Today

September 29, 2011: Catholic Groups Fight New Health-Care Rules from The Wall Street Journal

September 27, 2011: FDA Flags Concern on Birth-Control Pill from The Wall Street Journa

September 25, 2011: Researchers hail male pill breakthrough from Times Live

August 1, 2011: Federal Health Department Approves Free Birth Control for Women from Reuters

August 1, 2011: Plan Will Allow 16-Year-Olds to Buy Condoms from the Independent

July 28, 2011: States Limit Abortions, Cut Contraceptives from

July 28, 2011: As Two Deadlines Near, Concern Rises About HHS Adoption of IOM Recommendations on Preventive Care for Women by RHRealityCheck

July 28, 2011: What's At Stake in How HHS Handles the IOM Report? by RHRealityCheck

July 24, 2011: Male Birth Control? New Contraceptive Alternative Underway from International Business Times

July 19, 2011: Birth Control Coverage Proposed for Most Health Insurance Plans from the Washington Post

June 22, 2011: It's A Woman's Right To Emergency Contraceptives by The Gleaner

June 16, 2011: Controversy Over Religion by CityBizList Baltimore

June 14, 2011: Concern over morning-after pill scheme in Wales by BBC News

June 8, 2011: What The Morning-After Pill Means To Women by The Gleaner

June 6, 2011: Saving Family Planning for the Next Generation | The Jewish Week from New York: The Jewish Week

June 6, 2011: Judge Hears Arguments on MT Birth Control Coverage from NECN

June 4 2011: Reproductive choice: every woman’s right by Green Left

Apr 27 2011: More U.S. women using "morning-after" pill: study by Reuters

May 30, 2011: Teens ‘Wary’ Consumers of Safe Sex Information: Study | Posted | National Post National Post

May 26, 2011: Illinois Sex Ed Law Requiring Teachers To Talk Contraception Passes Senate from the Huffington Post

March 31, 2011: Birth-Control Debate Roils Philippines from The Wall Street Journal

March 30, 2011: Oral Contraceptive Combo May Reduce Heavy Menstrual Bleeding from Medscape