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How would you describe your libido (sex drive) these days?

  • Hot, hot, hot! My sex drive is in high gear!
  • Eh...I am in the mood from time to time
  • My sex drive is going, going, gone

Does sex bring you more pain than pleasure?

  • Nope
  • Ouch! Yes!

Imagine yourself in the bedroom for a moment. You are being touched in all the right places, in all the right ways. Are you turned on?

  • Yes ma'am!
  • I wish I was, but not really...

Do you hit the big "O" on a regular basis?

  • Yes, yes, yes!
  • Kind of, but it just ain't what it used to be
  • I wish, but no

Breathe it in! Humans emit pheromones, which are scents that may play a role in our attraction to one another. Experiment with using these natural aromas of desire by skipping the scented lotions and perfumes.

Have more sex - Each orgasm you have increases the strength of the vagina, labia, and clitoris. Somewhat comparable to a muscle, the stronger your lady parts are, the better it all works.