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The following issues are no longer available online. If you are interested in reading one of these issues, please click on the title to submit a request for an electronic copy.

Managing HPV: A New Era in Patient Care
June 2009

Breaking the Contraceptive Barrier: Techniques for Effective Contraceptive Consultations
October 2008

The Single-Rod Contraceptive Implant
July 2008

Screening, Treatment, and Management of IC/PBS
May 2008

Helping Your Patients Decide: Making Informed Health Choices About Hormonal Contraception
June 2006

Women's Sexual Health in Midlife and Beyond
May 2005

New Developments in Intrauterine Contraception
September 2004

Extended and Continuous Use of Contraceptives to Reduce Menstruation
September 2004

Periodic Well-Woman Visit: Individualized Contraceptive Care
May 2004

New Dynamics in Health Care: Hormone Therapy and Menopause Care
September 2004

Advances in Cervical Cancer Prevention
September 2003

Choosing When to Menstruate: The Role of Extended Contraception
April 2003

A Clinical Update on Transdermal Contraception
November 2002

Interstitial Cystitis: Clinical Research and Management
August 2004

Mature Sexuality, A Continuing Medical Education Program
May 2002

Clinical Update on Transcervical Sterilization
April 2002

Understanding Low-Dose Oral Contraceptives
August 2001

Reproductive Health, A Clinical Update on Women, Men, and Families
August 2001

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Cervical Cancer
March 2001

New Developments in Contraception Featuring the Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System (LNG IUS)
February 2001

Reproductive Health, An Update
August 2000

Mature Sexuality, Patient Realities and Provider Challenges
September 2000

Women's Health in the Perimenopause, An Integrated Approach
December 1999

Successful Contraception, an Update on Oral Contraceptives
March 1999

Treatment Strategies for HIV Infected Women
October 1998

Health Benefits of Oral Contraceptives
August 1997

Current Issues in Smoking and Reproductive Health
October 1996

Implications of Smoking and Oral Contraceptive Use
March 1996

Androgens and Women's Health: Pharmacodynamic Considerations for Contraception
March 1995