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Handbook On Female Sexual Health And Wellness

Forward: “Why Bother?”

Many patients have concerns regarding sexual health and function and want to talk with you about these concerns. And, they want you to raise the subject first. In a 2009 national survey, over 80% of women polled believed that sexual health was an important part of overall health. Another survey found that the majority of women (72%) wanted to speak with their health care professional about their sexual health, and 73% preferred that the health care professional bring up the topic.

Addressing sexual health issues with our patients has enhanced our practices and improved the well-being of our patients. We have found that many sexual health issues are easy to assess in a quick fashion, and do not adversely impact patient flow. Simple interventions often lead to more successful outcomes.

This handbook offers front-line healthcare professionals the practical and clinical tools needed for the care of women with sexual concerns, including definitions and information about screening, diagnosis, and treatment. We hope the recommendations made in this easy-to-use handbook provide you with the essential skills and resources to effectively begin the discussion about sexuality with your female patients, assess and manage common sexual health and wellness issues, and provide you with guidance on making appropriate referrals.

Sheryl A. Kingsberg, PhD
Cheryl B. Iglesia, MD, FACOG
Susan Kellogg, CRNP, PhD
Michael L. Krychman, MD